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My concept


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I'm surprised no one has joked the quality of the sketch

very nice people

seriously it's good people can see a good desing no matter if it's not all slick and vectored and cool looking

I actually have some hand sketches myself that I know would look great of done in the right format...

Someone please send me the cool templates everyone keeps using!

I went to the link in the Templates thread, but the ones I want don't work. Someone needs to repost the links in that thread or just send them straight to me cause I've been trying to get these things forever!


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wait who is 32 :wacko: I think i have seen something in this nature before look at some of my brothers work, enjoy( tear ) He gets the skill from me :rolleyes:


kinda compares to Rodger C's Pissed off Octopusses concept :P

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