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new tampa bay bucs concept


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As a Bucs fan, I have seen a lot of losing seasons. Wearing these, we would be sure to invoke more. What's wrong with what we have now? Orange and black are good colors, but as many have previously stated, we are not the Tampa Bay (ney, B.C.) Lions of the Canadian Football league.....

spacer.png  5-time Defending NL East Champions spacer.png 

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The Colors are horrible. You have to have something besides that disgusting tan.

Tan? What tan??? Anyways, I'm not really feeling it. And if Thunderstruk didn't do this :notworthy: number then you know it was a dud. :P

Sorry, I just think you may have to rework this one from the ground up.



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Nice try. I do not really like the striping on it. I'll give you kudos for using Somari though. I would like to see this tried in a template. It'll make it more presentable. Mahalo.

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me sorry and me stop acting caveman-ish

okay, that's enough...

there was your johnny damon template of the week :therock:

i'll be back with some more (and BETTER) ideas in the not-too-distant future

"jeez, what a waste of valuable knitting time"


Tomorrow's just your future yesterday.

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Why so much hate? No need for rude comments...

Anyway, I personally don't like it, nor do I like the Buccs.

A) Please refer to the context and syntax in which the alleged rude comment was made ^_^

2) Didnt realize you were the morality police assigned to this beat(Ive seen some of your posts..."Hi Pot, meet Kettle") :P

III) How does not liking a team make a concept good or bad? :therock:

Contract this...."


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