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Arena Bowl vs. World Bowl


Which Championship game are you more interested in?  

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World. Anyone nitice last weeks matchup? It was the Rush vs the Crush. Anyway i cant stand Elway therefore i cant stand the Crush so its world for me. If San Jose or Tampa bay was in it, it would be different though.


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tough call...but I got a somewhat vested interest in the World Bowl...Amsterdam, featuring the Son of Sweetness vs. Berlin, the NFLE team I love to hate.

nevertheless, i plan on catching both games


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i'm studying in berlin right now, and let me tell you, this city is absolutely going apep!op over the upcoming world bowl. man-o-man! but seriously folks, berlin's come pretty close to completly dominating the league for a couple seasons now, and really no one could care less. fans can be found in the subways after games, but they can only be distinguished as coming from thunder games because they're wearing green bay packers jackets or a raiders jersey. i couldn't imagine the arena bowl having less support than the world bowl, if only observing how little anyone in europe cares about it. there's more interest in the women's soccer euro cup, than there is for the world bowl (although these euros do love their soccer).

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