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W-B/S Penguins new alt jersey


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I love that logo - looks great on the sweater. "The psycho penguins rule!!!"

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you mean 1990s cup winning jerseys dont you.. :D

GUAH! You're right... My bad... But of course, they did wear those in the 80s and they did wear them when the won the cup in the 90s. We're both right, right? :hockeysmiley:


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These guys change unis every year dont they? Do they still wear the blue alts? I hate that people up here want the Big Pens to bring them back. The only thing from the past I want brought back is Yellow gold. I would like the big Pens with the current jerseys and replace the LV gold to yellow and then have a yellow alt in the same fashion like when 66 was a rook.

The (un)official names for the Penguin logos: The Skating Penguin (current crest) The Pigeon (current secondary) The Barry Bongs Penguin (WB/S Logo).

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These guys change unis every year dont they?

They sure as heck do. Even if the jersey stays the same, the lettering is changed.

Their first jersey was the same for four years or so, but the numbers changed from red drop shadows to red trim to yellow drop shadows and back to red again.

On the one hand they are "marketing geniuses" and on the other hand they are just "dinks who keep trying to squeeze as much money out of their fans as possible".

Some stability would be nice. It's worked for the Red Wings. Blackhawks and Canadiens for a few decades. If they insist on changing every year, after awhile you start to feel abused as a fan.



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Don't forget they also have things like Green St. Paddy unis. I think they might even have a white one from a different year. They had the LV gold alts, the blue alts, the X jersey logo (ten year one), they had red warm up jerseys. The list goes on. How many games do they play in Minors? I think they could go the season without wearing the same one twice :D

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I really really like this one...

To me, the Baby Pens have had some of the more consistantly good looking jerseys in the AHL since they came into the league....and I'm lovin this alt.

Occasionally, you'll get a farm club that does the parent club one better with their interpretation of the parent's jersey (case in point: as much as I despise em, the Sound Tigers actually made that hideous Fishsticks alt 1000 times better by changing it to blue and black instead of the gawd-awful day glo "traffic cone in the middle of the LonGuyland Expressway" orange and navy the parent uses)...


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That's a much better logo than what the big guys wear.


The Pens jersey is one of the best, if not THE best in the whole NHL, great balance between modern and Classic.

This one has some flaws, namely the striping at the bottom, looks cheapo, why not stick with the whole Pittsburgh stock???

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