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Denver Broncos


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well, it may be twisted, but i wont take credit for that since its an official alternate of the team. however, it is a bronco, and the are wild horses, so i imagine they can twist like that. not to toot my own horn, but i think it looks better than the helmet logo they have....anyways, heres a couple of other color choices for the logo:

broncos 2

broncos 3

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but what happend to the D. :therock:

I think it would look better with the D having a straight line or have the top of the D stick out on the bottom. Just not both. My thoughts

Yeah, i'm not blown away by the D. i used the current font the broncs use for it. as im making uniforms to go with the logo, im realizing that the new font and numbers dont work. thanks for the comments though. keep them coming

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B) Why not an update a la dolphins, eagles, rather than an overhaul?

You don't consider the Eagles an overhaul? Were you maybe thinking Cardinals?

the eagles definately didnt get an overhaul. tweaked, not overhauled. if you were in a cave since 1992, you'd recognize the philadelphia eagles as the philadelphia eagles. not the case with the broncos

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