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Most Oddball Jersey You've Ever Seen In Person


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So I was in Wal-Mart tonight and two guys walked past me talking football.I had my head down until I heard what they were talking about and I looked up and see that one of these guys has on a Kerry Collins jersey....a SAINTS Kerry Collins jersey.So right away I got to thinking:What IS the most oddball jersey I've seen?

I've seen quite a few but a couple come to mind and also one that I own.

Kerry Collins Saints(tonight)

Dat Ngyen Cowboys #90 (saw in 2001...from Ngyen's rookie year 1999)

Chris Carter Dolphins (New Orleans last summer)

Cedric Cobbs Patriots (own this one...made it)

So what are yours that you've seen/own?

ALSO:I do not mean any crappy-looking knock-off jerseys or fake throwbacks where there is almost something wrong....I mean something that was store-bought or ordered through one of the pro-shop catalogs.


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While I was visiting Camden Yards this past June, I saw a guy wearing a T.O. Ravens jersey. Never thought they made those so, I guess he customized it the day the 49ers traded him. Sucks for that guy.


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my scott mitchell lions jersey.

owning that piece of plop makes me wanna get the complete set of terrible lions quarterbacks of my lifetime jerseys:

chuck (3rd and) long

andre ware

rodney peete

eric hipple

gary danielson

charlie batch

gus frerotte

dave krieg

erik kramer

rusty hilger

bob gagliano

don majkowski

stoney case

ty detmer

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Terry Glenn Patriots jersey.

Now before you shout noob! I should mention that it was a Terry Glenn jersey using the current uniform which I'm fairly certain he never played in because he was benched the entire first year they had them and then he was traded.


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I saw someone at the Molson Centre in 2002 wearing a Lindros 88 Habs jersey. I have no possible explanation for this, unless maybe the person wearing the jersey actually was named Lindros.

I saw someone at a Syracuse Crunch game with a J.F. Labbe NY Rangers jersey once. Labbe played 1 career game for the Rangers.

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I have a Scottie Pippen Rockets jersey and a Snoop Minnis Chiefs jersey.

I've actually seen the Snoop Minnis one too.

I thought of another one:I used to work for a grocery store and a girl came in wearing a Clippers Dominique Wilkins jersey.And for the record:She was hot.


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a Kevin Mawae Jets jersey at Modells, wanted it but didnt have enough money. I really want a Mike Nugent Jets jersey. I know it sounds weird, but my real goal is a Ryan Leaf Chargers jersey.

how about a Ryan Leaf Buccaneers jersey? :P

I think you mean the Ryan Leaf Buccaneers practice jersey:


Probably the greatest jersey of all time.


We are wolves • Under the moon

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I don't mean to plug this guy's auction, but I recently picked up an authentic Laveranues Coles Skins alternate jersey recently. At first I though it was a fake, though A.J. Wright is a legit store, until I saw on Football Uniforms Past and Present that the skins wore those alternates for a game in 2003: http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-LAVERANUES-C...1QQcmdZViewItem

I thought it was fake because there was no 70th anniversary patch.... but 2003 was the 71st season.

Another great one I have is an authentic Steelers from 98 or 99 by Nike that must have been a salesmans sample. It was #28, and that name on the back was "O. YANEY" There were a few of those floating around on eBay. I have a photo of it on my desktop, but no way of posting it (I don't have a Web site to post it to!)

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