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Pandemonium in Atlanta


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Eagles LB Jeremiah Trotter was talking smack, Falcons CB Kevin Mathis threw a punch and Trotter grabbed the face mask. Players and coaches tried to break it up.

Later, after the warmup was done, suddenly, both teams went up to the 50 started smack talking each other no punches thrown.

Vick, McNabb, nor Owens were not directly involved in either of the incidents.

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That was funny to watch. Both getting kicked and you can really tell that both teams have some hatred towards each other after last year's NFC title game.

I just wished that Mathis would of smacked T.O. in the yap instead of trying to smack Trotter. That would of made me go off like some fireworks. :P


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My analysis:

McNabb had a bad game. Alot of that was due to the o-line. McNabb didnt have much time to throw but even when he did some throws were off. We couldnt run the ball at all either, which didnt help.

Dawkins was awesome. If you watched the game, enough said.

Akers may have cost us the game.

Same old defense. Couldnt stop the run. Losing Trotter really cost us. With him in, no way ATL rushes for over 200 yds. With him back vs. SF next week, expect us to lock down their run game.

Patrick Kerney is damn good.

Im getting used to losing season openers, as Reid is 2-5 in them <_<

That said, bring on the 49ers B)

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