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Akron Zips in throwbacks


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I was at the game. Its great to really pound Kent State. The throwbacks were great. You can't get much better than Akron in the classic blue and gold with the A on the helmet. Akron was on fire, but the weather was colder than hell: temps in the teens, wind gusts in the 40's, wind chill in the single digits. The game was still great for the few of us who trudged out at 10 am for a morning game.

And may I say, Brion Stokes is the man!

Akron: MAC East Champions!

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Oh thank you for those wonderful pics! I so wanted to go to that game but I was out of town..I covered the zips for the student newspaper when I attended and those were thier uniforms at that time...it was great to see them again! It rocked that we destroyed Kent State in the game too! Maybe we should wear those "retros" again!

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