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CONCEPT: Miami Dolphins


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Here is what I did...

1) Took out the navy and re-placed it with a silver grey (For the sake of argument I went with black for the shadow of the dolphin cause' I figured if the Chiefs, could get away with it without having it in their main uni's, then why not the fins!)

2) Created an alternate "M" logo for the sleeves that incorporates a freshly tweaked sun or fire ring whichever you prefer

3) Brought back the old school striped socks to match the helmet stripes

4) Added some new style stripes to the sleeves

C&C - Thanks :D


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Wow. Other than a few quips on the fact that you can barely see the silver on the orange and white jerseys, it's amazing. I can actually see the Dolphins updating to those unis one day. Awesome.

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Wow Bigdub...you're improving very quickly.

Just a couple of things about the concept. It is very well done but Reebok will never made something like that for the simple reason that those lines on the sleeves remind too much to Puma. I don't like the socks. I don't really like the new "sun" on the logo. Some days ago a guy posted a very nice update for the Dolphins logo. Adding the silver it's a great idea.

Good job!

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if you found a way to keep the navy (or some other dark color that would work) in the uniforms somewhere, it would be perfect.

not feeling the silver... or the alternate logo.

but i really do love the uniform striping.

also, i'd lighten the teal just a tad.

great work. i really like it.

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I didn't do an aqua/teal set of pants cause' I really don't think Nick Saban, will be using them anytime soon and I kinda' got into a habit of mixing the old with the new in my concepts (check my last post) so that's why you have white pants and stripes on the socks instead of just solid one's. At first I didn't think that the stripes on the sock's would go because of the new sleeve stripes that I put on so I'll see what it look's like with a different type in the update.

And I know that it's hard to see the silver on the orange and teal jersey's cause it gets lost against the white numbers. For some reason whenever I post a concept it always comes out in different sizes although I use the same size template unless the uni has multiple combo's. I could make the silver on those two a lil' darker or I could make the outline stroke thicker which would throw of the number set on the white one

The sun I felt needed an update to me to make it need I say...a lil' more aggressive while keeping with the pattern of the old design. And I don't know how to bend the logo to conform to the helmet so all I do is reduce the image to fit it and try to place it as far back as possible to give it depth.

- And thanks 2 Beatnik, 4 looking out when I was getting started!

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The Revision...

* Changed the socks to a single thin stripe against a solid backing

* Enlarged all the outline strokes

* Changed the "sun" design

* Brought in the teal pants

* Tweaked the alternate logo and added a 3rd

* Removed the alternate logo (for now) from all the sleeves

- Thanks C&C :D


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I would experiment with the "fin" striping you have on the sleeves on both the pants and the helmet. Either similar to the broncos (helmet and pants) or similar to the Falcons pants.

Really sharp concept! The fin striping reminds me of a concept that I've done for a St. Louis Fantasy team. I worked the Arch into the sleeve stripes. I won't post cause I don't want to hijack the thread. (no accusation, cause I've never posted it)

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