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Goal Horns


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Keep in mind that most of those files aren't necessarily just horns--they're used in the video game for after a goal is scored by the home team. Some team have actual horns, some play certain songs, some do both.

The farthest back I can remember a horn is the horn the Hackhawks in old Chicago Stadium.

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I know the Whalers had a loud foghorn that would go off, right before playing "Brass Bonanza". Most arenas now use a foghorn or boathorn. At the TD Banknorth Garden, a rare Bruins goal is followed by a slightly muffled train whistle, appropriate since the arena is located directly over a big train station.

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I dislike the horn in Columbus. Too long.

I like the song that is played after a Rangers goal.

Is it just me, or is Zombie Nation losing it's cool after being lpayed by so many sports teams?

The Bruins have been playing Zombie Nation for a few years now after a goal. A lot of teams are breaking away from "Rock & Roll Part II or whatever" since Gary Glitter's a pedophile. The Sens still play "Song No. 2", don't they?

I think the Bruins had played some hard rocking fanfare with bagpipes as well, but I only remember it from TV, not form any games I've been to. It might have been a Dropkick Murphys song too.

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I know Calgary USED to play "Burn Baby Burn" but I don't recall hearing it once within the past two seasons.

I do believe that whenever Jordan Leopold scores, they should play that clip of all those opera signers saying "Leopold! LEOpold! LEOPOLD!" from the Bugs Bunny cartoon "What's Opera, Doc?"

Also, I think Toronto should use Rush's "YYZ" for a goal song or warmup song. A friend of suggested they use "Oh Yeah" by Yello for a victory song.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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Best goal horns:

1. Chicago Blackhawks [Chicago Stadium/United Center] - the first as far as I know, and the best. Loud enough that you can feel it.

2. Dallas Stars [American Airlines Center] - loud as hell and most melodic.

3. Hartford Whalers [Hartford Civic Center] - gone but not forgotten...

4. Philadelphia Flyers [Wachovia Center] - just installed less than a month ago. First game was the scoreless tie v. Calgary that was won in a shootout, so it didn't go off. Of the 3 games I've been to this year, it was only around for the last one (v. Vancouver). They had a really wimpy car horn for the last couple of years, and it was shameful. They rigged up 2 boat horns to the scoreboard and let 'em fly when they score. It rattles your internal organs.

Worst goal horns:

2. Ottawa Senators [Corel Centre] - wimpy car horn. What is that?

1. Washington Capitals [Capital Centre/USAir Arena] - more like a shrieking wail than an actual horn. It sucked. I am not sure if they brought it with them to the MCI Center, and they don't score enough for me to know.

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Most of the Canadian teams seem to go the EuroCar route. Ottawa, Edmonton and Montreal all definitely do. Does anyone have any ideas why this is? They sound so jarring, and not in a good way. Whenever I scored playing hockey, I always heard the loud, deep bass of the Chicago Stadium horn. That's a way to tell the world you put one past the goalie.

That Flyers horn has a kind of jazziness to it...

Are we referring to that web site that plays what NHL 06 does for goals? Because there's nothing jazzy - or even musical - about the Flyers' actual goal horn. It's a boat foghorn, and it's loud as :censored:, and that's all. It's awesome in person.

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