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NHL's "new" conference logos


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I don't like these new logos. I know it's not the same shield but I keep getting this NFL vibe from them. I think it would have been better if they would have used the league logo sheild shape for these. Make the whole league package fit together better.

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I'm not digging these as much as the Final update. These seem less polished.

The type should have the same black outline to sync to the shield better or

enclose it in a banner to help pop it off. If I had a vector version of it I could

whip up what I'm talking about in 2 minutes.

The singular letter shields are weak and unnecesary.

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What I can't understand is why the NHL has changed their logos...I think this would be the third time, since 1993? I mean obviously when they went from the Campbell and Wales etc. that had to be a change. The thing is, they then reverse the colors of East and West so that's #2, and now this is uncessesary #3. I don't care one way or another, it's just I don't like continual change. However, now the game is different, the leage logo is different, the conference logos will be different, the UNIFORMS are going to be different...man this just ain' t the NHL anymore it's like a whole new monster!

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The only conference logos i will ever recognize are the Wales and Campbell Confrence logos.

This whole East-West stuff has never sat well with me.

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