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From the monstrosity that is the ABA


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Pretty sure the bad one is the other jersey in the first picture... nice wordmark, pretty sure I cant read that at all.. surj? snj? sinj? maybe someone could clear that up for me.

Looks like "Sound" to me, with a record for the O . . . not that that was easy to figure out with the letters running together. :wacko:

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Here are some images of the uniforms for the Rochester Razorsharks of the ABA. They're in first place in the Connie Hawkins Division at 17-3. But wearing uniforms like this, they'd better be.




You should never mention the ABA.... it every way it sucks except that sometimes the players get paid.

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Well knowing that it's the ABA, and few attend or even know about it, really the thought that no cares is very truthful! :D But if you really wanted to know what a Razorshark is, then you could type it in to your google search and you'd find many answers, of course none of them on the first page seem relevent to the ABA. :P

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