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Bakersfield Jam Unveils Logo


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Damn, I has hoping the logo would use some strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.... I think logo is insipring... it insipires us to make better logos than that....

Have we all forgotten THIS one already?:



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It's not that bad. It's clean and well executed in my opinion. It's probably exactly what the

owner wanted based on what the other logos look like in that league. They look like they

want a certain look like this. Don't shoot the artist, blame the geniuses in charge.

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Umm...where to begin.

1) It appears that there is a significant white outline around the word "Bakersfield," but it is not uniform as the outline around the D appears to be underneath the un/a-symmetric basketball, which leads me to....

2) You mean someone there, who was paid for this, cannot make a symmetrical basketball? Seriously, my 8-year-old nephew could do it.

3) The unbalanced distances between the J A and M.

4) The whole "swoosh" of the basketball...one connects, the other disconnects from the rest of the logo.

So, using the transitive property of mathematics, when you add up 1+2+3+4 in any combination, you get


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