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Saintsfan new year chaalenge


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Okay for  each city I have selected 10 names. To vote simply reply with your choices. If you want you can vote for 1 city only, or both. (I will cast my vote first as an example)

The nominations

For Seattle

Seattle Buzz

Seattle Downpour (They get better!!)

Seattle Emeralds

Seattle Fins

Seattle Metropolitans

Seattle Needles

Seattle Saints

Seattle Seals

Seattle Storm

Seattle Tsunamis

For Milwaukee

Milwaukee Black Wolves

Milwaukee Bulls

Milwaukee Choppers

Milwaukee Foresters

Milwaukee Huskies

Milwaukee Machine

Milwaukee Moose

Milwaukee Riders

Milwaukee Warriors

Milwaukee Whitetails

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How about just plain Milwaukee Wolves?  Drop the "black" part.  Sounds better to me.

Seattle Saints

Milwaukee (black) Wolves.  If dropping the Black isn't an option, then I vote for Milwaukee Moose.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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