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From ESPN: Ranking the QB Super Bowl Performances


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1. Joe Montana, 49ers, XXIV (1990)

2. Steve Young, 49ers, XXIX (1995)

3. Doug Williams, Redskins, XXII (1988)

4. Terry Bradshaw, Steelers, XIII (1979)

5. Joe Montana, 49ers, XIX (1985)

6. Phil Simms, Giants, XXI (1987)

7. Troy Aikman, Cowboys, XXVII (1993)

8. Kurt Warner, Rams, XXXIV (2000)

9. Joe Montana, 49ers, XXIII (1989)

10. Tom Brady, Patriots, XXXVIII (2004)

11. Roger Staubach, Cowboys, XIII (1979)

12. Bart Starr, Packers, I (1967)

13. Jim Plunkett, Raiders, XV (1981)

14. Brett Favre, Packers, XXXI (1997)

15. Tom Brady, Patriots, XXXIX (2005)

16. Jake Delhomme, Panthers, XXXVIII (2004)

17. John Elway, Broncos, XXXIII (1999)

18. Kurt Warner, Rams, XXXVI (2002)

19. Terry Bradshaw, Steelers, XIV (1980)

20. Mark Rypien, Redskins, XXVI (1992)

21. Jim McMahon, Bears, XX (1986)

22. Joe Namath, Jets, III (1969)

23. Brett Favre, Packers, XXXII (1998)

24. Joe Montana, 49ers, XVI (1982)

25. Len Dawson, Chiefs, IV (1970)

26. Tom Brady, Patriots, XXXVI (2002)

27. Troy Aikman, Cowboys, XXX (1996)

28. Ken Anderson, Bengals, XVI (1982)

29. Roger Staubach, Cowboys, VI (1972)

30. Jeff Hostetler, Giants, XXV (1991)

31. Ken Stabler, Raiders, XI (1977)

32. John Elway, Broncos, XXI (1987)

33. Bart Starr, Packers, II (1968)

34. Peyton Manning, Colts, XLI (2007)

35. Steve McNair, Titans, XXXIV (2000)

36. Roger Staubach, Cowboys, XII (1978)

37. Terry Bradshaw, Steelers, X (1976)

38. Brad Johnson, Buccaneers, XXXVII (2003)

39. Donovan McNabb, Eagles, XXXIX (2005)

40. Vince Ferragamo, Rams, XIV (1980)

41. Troy Aikman, Cowboys, XXVIII (1994)

42. Len Dawson, Chiefs, I (1967)

43. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks, XL (2006)

44. Joe Theismann, Redskins, XVII (1983)

45. Daryle Lamonica, Raiders, II (1968)

46. Fran Tarkenton, Vikings, VIII (1974)

47. Terry Bradshaw, Steelers, IX (1975)

48. Dan Marino, Dolphins, XIX (1985)

49. Roger Staubach, Cowboys, X (1976)

50. Trent Dilfer, Ravens, XXXV (2001)

51. Jim Kelly, Bills, XXV (1991)

52. Jim Plunkett, Raiders, XVIII (1984)

53. Stan Humphries, Chargers, XXIX (1995)

54. John Elway, Broncos, XXXII (1998)

55. Jim Kelly, Bills, XXVIII (1994)

56. Jim Kelly, Bills, XXVI (1992)

57. Drew Bledsoe, Patriots, XXXI (1997)

58. Bob Griese, Dolphins, VII (1973)

59. Bob Griese, Dolphins, VIII (1974)

60. Fran Tarkenton, Vikings, XI (1977)

61. Chris Chandler, Falcons, XXXIII (1999)

62. Rex Grossman, Bears, XLI (2007)

63. Joe Kapp, Vikings, IV (1970)

64. Joe Theismann, Redskins, XVIII (1984)

65. Bob Griese, Dolphins, VI (1972)

66. Boomer Esiason, Bengals, XXIII (1989)

67. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers, XL (2006)

68. David Woodley, Dolphins, XVII (1983)

69. John Elway, Broncos, XXIV (1990)

70. Ron Jaworski. Eagles, XV (1981)

71. Neil O'Donnell, Steelers, XXX (1996)

72. Jim Kelly, Bills, XXVII (1993)

73. John Elway, Broncos, XXII (1988)

74. Fran Tarkenton, Vikings, IX (1975)

75. Billy Kilmer, Redskins, VII (1973)

76. Johnny Unitas, Colts, V (1971)

77. Craig Morton, Cowboys, V (1971)

78. Kerry Collins, Giants, XXXV (2001)

79. Earl Morrall, Colts, III (1969)

80. Rich Gannon, Raiders, XXXVII (2003)

81. Craig Morton, Broncos, XII (1978)

82. Tony Eason, Patriots, XX (1986)

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I can't wait for the first person to say, "HA HA! Pats are in last!"

You just did, dummy. That was you. You were the first person.

I giggled a bit when I saw that. Hehehe.... :P

I'm shocked Dilfer was ranked so low. I thought he did pretty good in that Super Bowl. Top 10 worthy? By all means, no. But he helped the Ravens to thier first title, and perfomed solidly. That's all you can really ask in quarterback for the Super Bowl, isnt it?

I like where Jake Delhomme is ranked. He played his guts out in that game, which the Panthers SHOULD have won, had it not been for two unsuccesful 2 pt conversions. I was strongly impressed with Delhommw in that game.

Peyton Manning should be a tad bit higher than #34......I'm talkin way up. Like, #10, perhaps? That throw he made WHILE BEING SPUN AROUND to Reggie Wayne for that touchdown was one of the most remarkable passes I've ever seen in any game. And he got the monkey off his back and got his ring. Give him more credit than #34, ESPN.

John Elway's performance in XXXII over Green Bay was phenominal. Why isn't that in the top 5? That hit he took that spun him like a top should have given him top-10 honors alone.

They nailed it with Steve Young's ranking. Though they did kill a Chargers team that IMO wasnt as good as thier Super Bowl run, he stepped up and hit San Diego where it hurt. Too bad I was only like, 3 then. Memories of that game would be fun to reflect on....

Montana is right where he should be. #1.

Overall, kinda dissapointed but I'm happy they at least got the highest ones right (with the exception of Elway. Raise him up, for pete's sake.).

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Didn't Roethlisberger have the worst Superbowl, statistically speaking, in history? I remember hearing that. If that's the case, shouldn't he be a bit lower, even if he did win?

I don't know...he does have the worst ranking of a Super Bowl winning QB outside of Super Bowl V-and setting aside the fact the NFL would prefer we all forget that game was ever played, Unitas was knocked out in the middle of the game, so Earl Morrall helmed them to victory really.

Also from what I've heard/seen about Super Bowl XX, Eason's performance was simply summed up as "fail".

EDIT-he was 0-6 before getting pulled. Probably took a couple of sacks as well. I believe that classifies as "fail".

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As a person who has seen every Super Bowl (on TV, of course), I'd have to agree with this list.

But I'd switch 1 and 2 around. As good as Montana was, that performance by Young is still so memorable. Young was so on that day.

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