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Most of us here are north americans, with a few europeans and aussies here and there.

our friends from abroad have thier loyalties to teams we here in the USA and Canada root for in the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA, so to us Americans and Canadians here (who like soccer anyways...)

who is your favorite club for the top soccer league in the world, the English Premier League? Some of us allready have made our choices known, but what about everyone else?

Me, I support the Satanic Swans of Anfield!


because after all....

You will never walk alone... ^_^

ok, maybe your favorite soccer club isnt an english club...if so, who is your favorite soccer club from abroad?

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i've got a friend in birmingham, so my favriote premership team is Birmingham city. and what a coincidince, my favriote MLS team is the san jose earthquakes, who also wear blue :)



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I don't really follow soccer all that much anymore, but when I was in high school I followed Ajax-Amsterdam (because ESPN2 in the early days carried Eredivisie soccer and Ajax was always on).

So if I had to pick a global team, Ajax would be it.


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Its not a swan its a Liver bird by the way! (pronounced the same as the city's name!)

And I am a true bred Southampton fan! So all I have to say to you Liverpool fans today is your team is going dooowwwwnnnnn today against the super saints!


2011/12 WFL Champions

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9erfan: currently in the premiership, i'm not sure about any team with an orange shirt. blackpool wears orange (think tennessee), but they've been mired in either first or second division for a while now.

anyways, back on topic:

favorite premiership team, Arsenal

favorite national teams besides US: Mexico, Nigeria, Croatia


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Manhester City was my team for a while, I used to have a DSS ticket with a ton of english games. I played with a guy from Manchester, and he loved the City Club, so I adopted them too. Plus, they had cool kits. I haven't followed them to tightly, becasue i didnt buy the ticket after that year, and because english football coverage is hard to come by.

I also like Arsenal and Real... except that Real is too much like the Yankees. (blech)

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




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favorite non-english clubs:

spain: FC Barcelona. I WANT to like Real Madrid, I really do. especially since I have a great grandfather born in Madrid. but I stopped liking them the minute they signed Beckham. I dont like him.

mexico: Tiburones Rojos Veracruz. Tiburones Rojos translated means "the Red Sharks" and the logo is a red shark, naturally. So I like them for the mere fact theyre the Sharks.

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