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Sports Identity Showdown Voting (Final)


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Thank you all for your interest in the North American Kickball Association. The support for the initial voting rounds was outstanding. We now have three division winners and three wild card competitors hoping to win over your votes. I now present those concepts to you, the voter, for one final time.

Please keep in mind the voting criteria from the first round.

* You have three votes worth 3, 2, and 1 point, respectively.

* You may only vote if you have over 100 posts or had over 50 posts at the time the competition began


Having said that, here are the candidates for your voting consideration:

Plantation Anoles (Plantation, FL)

Amarillo Black Gold (Amarillo, TX)

Lansing Ignite (Lansing, MI)

Manchester Industry (Manchester, NH)

Scottsdale Salamanders (Scottsdale, AZ)

Honu of Hanauma Bay (Honolulu, HI)

Please list your top three choices below. Voting for this round will conclude at midnight CST after Friday, January 16.

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This was really difficult to vote for because I want to vote for the best overall package, but to be honest the only uniform set I don't hate or very much dislike are the 'Noles. So they get my top spot based on all-around package.

Amarillo gets second based on the stunning primary and secondary and I don't completely hate the uniforms, but I was surprised at the amount of soccer(football) style uniforms entered. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't like going that way personally.

3rd goes to Honu. It was between that and Scottsdale, but it goes to Honu based on the fresh colors and strong logos and most importantly, I think they had the 2nd-best uniforms of this bunch. Elliott, I really wish you didn't use red for the presentation bakground as I couldn't get as good an idea of the logos and uniforms with the red-on-red (especially the unis; I couldn't decide if they alienated me or if they were brilliant but ultimately I came to the conclusion that they just alienated me, sorry :P)

Sorry for the long post; I figured it would be helpful to see some reasoning behind votes.

So again:

1. Plantation

2. Amarillo

3. Honu

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1-Scotsdale Salamanders

2-Amarillo Black Gold (it was hard not to put my birthplace as #1)

3-Lansing Ignite

I love 'em all.

Kansas-BB-banner.png My-son-Soldier-banner.png

Kansas City Scouts (CHL) Orr Cup Champions 2010, 2019, 2021         St. Joseph Pony Express (ULL)  2023 Champions     Kansas City Cattle (CL)

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After just missing the deadline for first round voting, it turns out my voting remains the same for the finals:

These were awesome guys. There were several that deserved honorable mention:

~Anoles -- rad concept that was almost cuddly and vicious at the same time, haha. It lacked a polished feeling that some of the others had, though.

~Ignite -- great logo idea and fairly polished feel. Since the large "E" at the end of the word is obviously wider than the "I", it made the word lopsided in my eyes. I think this wordmark may have lent itself better to all the letters being the same size rather than the big first and last letter style.

~Industry -- great colors. To me the year in the logo is too small, though, and takes away from it's professional believability.

My vote ended up being:

1) Honu.

I LOVE the jerseys, and the concept is lighthearted, which is how I view kickball, so I find it fitting

2) Black Gold

Amazing execution. Love the secondary logo. I feel that the smaller of the words in the wordmarks were too small, which makes it slightly awkward looking. For some reason the swoosh of oil across the bottom doesn't look right to me either. I think it's a little fragile looking as thin as it is--perhaps a thicker flow would have satisfied my eyes.

3) Salamanders

Again, awesome execution of the main logo. I'm not digging the wordmark or the secondary though, the font just doesn't fit as best it could in my opinion. I love the layout of the main logo, especially the fire. I believe there's opportunity in the shape/thickness/style of the legs of the salamander though, especially the rear legs.

Awesome job everyone--CCSLC has certainly raised the bar even more while I've been gone (which is a LONG time)! Good luck!

The below to be updated once the newest banner is raised!
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1- Honu of Hanauma Bay

2- Amarillo Black Gold

3- Scottsdale Salamanders

Four times IHL Nielson Cup Champions - Montréal Shamrocks (2008-2009 // 2009-2010 // 2012-2013 // 2014-2015)

Five times TNFF Confederation Cup Champions - Yellowknife Eagles (2009 CC VI // 2010 CC VII // 2015 CC XII // 2017 CC XIV // 2018 CC XV)

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