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Yet another football league


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DALLAS, TX--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 25, 2009 -- Citizens Capital Corp. (Other OTC:CAAP.PK - News) today announced that its Dream League Football Association (DLFA) pro football unit has placed teams in four of its twenty, pre-selected consumer markets as part of its phase one initiatives. The DLFA Bulldogs; Stars; Gotham Gladiators and River Wranglers teams shall play in the Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and San Antonio consumer markets of the Mideast; Western; Eastern and South Central divisions of the Democratic and Republican conferences respectively.

All of those ideas are terrible.

EDIT: Oh my.


1 hour ago, ShutUpLutz! said:

and the drunken doodoobags jumping off the tops of SUV's/vans/RV's onto tables because, oh yeah, they are drunken drug abusing doodoobags

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Shouldn't this be in "Sports In General"?

No, and this is why you're not a mod.

Yeah I know I'm not a mod. But still, I don't see this league ever playing a single down. Because the last thing we need is another football league.


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I do like how the River Wranglers appear to incorporate the Wienerschnitzel logo. Very nice.

Nah, that's Whataburger's logo. You can't swing a cat in Texas without hitting a Whataburger. I haven't seen a Wienerschnitzel in years.

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