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Being the Pats fan that I am, I noticed something lately...since Reebok starting making the relicas, there are ALOT of different player Pats replica jerseys available...is this common with other teams as well? Here are the players you can choose from (since Reebok took over in 2002)

4 Adam Vinatieri

12 Tom Brady (of course)

24 Ty Law

32 Antowain Smith

33 Kevin Faulk

34 Tebucky Jones

36 Lawyer Milloy

37 Rodney Harrison

50 Mike Vrabel

52 Ted Johnson

54 Tedy Bruschi

55 Willie McGinest

59 Rosevelt Colvin

63 Joe Andruzzi

80 Troy Brown

81 Bethel Johnson

82 Daniel Graham

83 Deion Branch

86 David Patten

87 David Givens

88 Christian Fauria

90 Dan Klecko

91 Bobby Hamilton

93 Richard Seymour

94 Ty Warren

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that's a lot...i do remember around 95, 96 i might see someone walking around in a Frank Winters or Ken Ruettgers jersey. so imagine my shock when they started selling kickers' jerseys. maybe i should order a reggie roby jersey now :hockeysmiley:

GB now:

4 Brett Favre

30 Ahman Green

80 Donald Driver

88 Bubba Franks

89 Robert Ferguson

94 KGB

42 Darren Sharper

there might be more, although i'm not 100% sure


54 Brian Urlacher

80 Dez White

35 Anthony Thomas

these are the only Bears i'm sure i've seen. And i'm sort of iffy on White being sold here.


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Detroit Lions Replicas:

3 Joey Harrington

4 Jason Hanson

30 Cory Schlesinger

32 Dre Bly (both team and pro bowl jerseys)

80 Charles Rogers

81 Az-Zahir Hakim

91 Robert Porcher

97 Boss Bailey

and they sell Mitchell & Ness 1996 #20 Barry Sanders, 1983 #20 Billy Sims & 1957 #28 Yale Lary throwbacks

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Haha man, they have Azdruzzi?? ASnyway yeah I see a ton of Bears around here:

Urlacher 54

Thomas 35

Booker 86

Terrell 83

White 80

Brown 30

McQuarters 21

Holdman 53 (last year)

Haynes 97

Grossman 8 (the man)

Miller 15 (last year)

I think that's it, I'm hoping they'll bust out a Charles Tillman soon, I would buy one in a second.

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ive seen these bills jerseys:

11 Bledsoe (which i own B) )

80 Moulds

20 Henry

26 Winfield

22 Clements

21 McGahee (and he hasnt even set foot on an NFL field yet)

51 Spikes

36 Milloy

27 Wire

59 Fletcher

95 Adams

68 M. Williams

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You can pre-order Owens and Kearse jerseys on the Eagles' website. Owens held up an 81 jersey at the press conference.


Meanwhile, Kearse still doesn't have a number, since Corey Simon wears 90.

That brilliantly leads into the list of Eagle player jerseys that I have seen for sale. This doesn't even include people that used to be on the team like Duce, Troy Vincent, Hugh Douglas, Jeremiah Trotter, Ricky Watters, and the like.

2 David Akers

5 Donovan McNabb

20 Brian Dawkins

28 Correll Buckhalter

36 Brian Westbrook

48 Jon Richie

69 Jon Runyan

80 James Thrash

84 Freddie Mitchell

87 Todd Pinkston

89 Chad Lewis

90 Corey Simon

95 Jerome McDougle

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Here's what I've seen for sale from Miami(In order of most common):

54 Thomas

34 Williams

99 Taylor

9 Fiedler

24 Madison

I remember when it was Marino or Thomas, or tough luck.

FWIW, I have a #86 Oronde Gadsden teal jersey from two years ago...

Why? I was a Gad-zilla fan back from his Arena League days, that's why! :D


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I have seen the following Atlanta Falcons:

5-Jay Feely




34-Buchanan(have a game worn one from '97 season,beside the point)








And in the Super Bowl season it was worse:


















WHEW!!Worn-out just trying to remember all of them!!!


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Here are the Broncos jerseys that are sold round here:

7 - Elway (own x1)

16 - Plummer (need to get one)

26 - Portis (on sale for $10)

28 - Kennedy

30 - Davis (own x1)

38 - Anderson

47 - Lynch (holy crap thats fast)

51 - Mobley

52 - Gold

56 - Wilson

80 - Smith

84 - Sharpe (own x2)

85 - Lelie

87 - McCaffrey (own x1)

93 - Pryce

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As a follow up to the Eagles post, Kearse will wear #93, as confirmed on philadelphiaeagles.com.

Also, the T.O. jerseys (I'm not sure if it's just replica or replica and authentic) are in stock at the Lincoln Financial Field Pro Shop.

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Maybe Reebok makes so many Patriots jerseys because its HQ is only a few miles from Foxboro, so they are close enough to "feel out" the popularity of all the players. Not many people outside of New England would know that players like Andruzzi and Klecko have almost a cult-like following here, but since Reebok is close by, they know it too and push out the requests for those jerseys.

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if i'm not mistaken i think i'd seen someone around here or on TV wearing a Jason Elam jersey. and i know i'm not hallucinating. skater, they still sell those out there?


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I think so far the one I am most surpirsed about is the Doug Johnson Falcons jersey. I mean I know Vick was out, but jeez....that is one obscure jersey. Honorable mentions would go to Mike Rumph and maybe Jon Ritchie. I guess overall though I'm happy there's so many players availbale, it's much better than only a few superstars being available. What's the most obscure jersey you guys own or have owned? Mine would probably be my old Glenn Foley #4 Jets jersey. Don't ask. :D

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i have:

Detroit Tigers Away - #3 Alan Trammell, #1 Lou Whitaker

Detroit Tigers Home - #34 Juan Encarnacion, #6 Al Kaline

Detroit Tigers BP - Generic #37 (the year i got it, Deivi Cruz wore #37, the following year Steve Sparks wore it)

Toronto Maple Leafs - #14 Dave Andreychuk (with the alternate's "A")

that's it off the top of my head.

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The most obscure jerseys I have? I have ALOT of jerseys (over 80), but I would say...

1. Authentic Oakland A's Andy Abad jersey (he used to be my favorite player)

2. Vincent Brisby Patriots jersey (from 95, another year where replica jerseys wee aplenty for Pats fans)

3. Michael Bishop Patriots Puma jersey (I gave this one to my gf at the time- broke up 2 months later, and never got the jersey back...one of my favorites, too)

4. Chris Slade Patriots jersey (also from 95...my very first football jersey :cry: )

5. Marion Butts Patriots jersey from 1994

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