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Board User Uniforms!


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The talk about board user uniforms got me into designing mode, so I whipped these templates up do that everyone can design their own with their own nameplate and number.

Hockey Home template

Hockey Road Template

these can be edited in MS paint easily, just use the grey outlines as a guide to line things up.

If someone does a Football, Baseball, basketball template, for thsoe inclined to those sports other than Hockey, post eh line, and I'll amend this post so that all the links are easily accessable ^_^

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Coyotes old Alts for the numbers, SanJose for the letters. Origonally it was The Maple Leafs for letter...but that was too big for my name, and I could just imagine with some other names how it could turn out

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OK here's mine, I like white jerseys best, and if you know me then you know i gotta make everything to my customization, so i used the logo and template from paynomind and did my own jersey.

This also makes me the FIRST to use my REAL name, cuz you can all know, i dont care.

This is an updated and much better version than before


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Here's my jersey. I took #23 cause it's my number... I use it on all of my concepts.


I love how people are putting their own logo on the front as well... puts more flava into each jersey.

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We should make a roster of the members of the board who are putting uniforms here.

00 - zer0dotcom

1 - vicfurth

02 - nickggilbert

4 - joel_fiasco

5 - Paynomind

6 - pagan696

7 - josh_j182

17 - skater20na

20 -winters_in_buffalo

22 - jpslapshot22

23 - Braden

26 - IowaFan26

33 - tajmccall

41 - Iron Chef Shark

44 - brassbonanza

44 - zoneranger

50 - Evan

45 - SyPhi

78 - Frylock

79 - bosox

88 - InTheEnd88

96 - clarky

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