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San Jose Stealth Moves to Everett, WA


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Saw this article in the Times Colonist today in Victoria after Abbotsford was turned down for the new home for the Stealth and Everett was picked instead. Here's the story from the league website. A new name and logo will appear next week. Any one have any details on this?

San Jose Stealth Move

Sorry if this has already been posted before.

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I think the WHL's Silvertips would beg to differ (I would mention the city's other teams, but the Silvertips' schedule goes on at the same time as the Stealth's)


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Team management has announced that the franchise will be known as... the Washington Stealth.


Not that it was going to happen or that I wanted it to, but it kind of seems like this negates any rumors that might have had the LumberJax moving to Kent and giving Washington (Everett) an instant rival.

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Here's a color-adjusted version of the current Stealth primary logo, for reference sake:


I'm sure that thing was a nightmare to embroider...

I'm guessing so. A couple of years ago the team went with just the wordmark as the primary, however leaving the ninja portion of the logo at mid field. Sad to see the Stealth go, but when Sharks management sold the team to season ticket holders, it was bound to happen.

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As if the "Washington Stealth" ID wasn't lame enough ("Seattle Stealth" or even "Puget Sound Stealth" would have tripped off the tongue a lot easier), get a load of the graphic that accompanies the article on their Web site announcing the name change:


I really hope this is just a "work in progress" and not their actual logo for 2010. If so, it's a severe downgrade from their old logo, which would have worked just as well in Everett as it did in San Jose.

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