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**It's Back** College Football Uniform Overhaul

Brave-Bird 08

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the blackout uni is SICK \m/

I rly like the yellow jersey, but this whole college set is spectacular. :D


If you hadn't noticed, Chawls loves his wrestling, whether it be real life or sim. :D


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I think the away set with the white pants would look great with a white helmet. I like that the black uniform says "the zoo" and "go ducks". Looks modern and still good. Also the "oregon" on the ass looks cool too.

agreed, I really loved the all white uniform they wore. but, I didnt want to make 13 image posts...so I simplified to a few combos

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Fantastic job with the Duck uni's, I actually like those a lot more than what they made for us this year. The one thing I hate about this year is the fact that they made the font look worse and the addition of steel/subtraction of yellow.

Fantastic job, I love that yellow jersey you have while I hate the one we have this year.



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Boise State

Boise went on the downslope this past offseason by revealing those awfully weird uniforms...which featured grey. I wanted to return to the white, go to a simplified jersey, and let the wordmark and numbers ...as well as the colors...do the work.

This is a uniform I think would look great on any field, and be easy on the eyes.

Here is the simplest uniform I've done to date (minus BC), but I think my favorite so far.





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Here is another very simple concept that is more of a fix than a complete overhaul, much like what I did with Oregon. I liked the direction they went in by going away from the same old nike template, but the execution of the new uniforms is tacky. I hate the collar, and the way the pants stripes start around the butt. Everything is bulky and forced. I

I reverted here, but...I liked the bear claw technique...so I kept it. I think this is going to remind you a lot of my Ducks concept, no special piping or anything, just a classy looking uniform + a little bit of shoulder flair. Also, I wanted to avoid the white pants!





Down to the final three now! Hope yall have enjoyed this thread.

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Oklahoma State

For Oklahoma State I wanted to just make a few minor changes. I wanted to give them a different number font, remove the serifs from the logo, make a black facemask, and substitute the the armpit splotch they have now for something more visible above the sleeve (notice the stripe ends and does not echo on the back shoulder)

I also always thought they could use a black jersey. So, anyways here is Okie State. Virginia Tech and Florida are the last ones left!




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