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Winnipeg Jets, Thunder Concept Logo


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You know how I've said that it's near impossible to design a logo for your own team, because you often view your team as perfect?

It's true. It is near impossible. But I tried anyway.


Winnipeg Jets Concept Logo

As you can see, I've retained elements of their logos of the past (hockey stick J, background circle) while taking things in a different direction in other ways.

Edit: Since these are both updated looks for defunct Winnipeg teams, they can share the same thread. It's how I'd want it if someone else did something similar. For the Winnipeg Thunder logo, scroll down.

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to be honest i don't like it that much as a whole. however i like the placement of the actual jet. i've been doodling in class (end of college term gets tedious!) and was thinking that if the jets came back, they'd have to be called the jets and they'd have to do a modern remake of the logo. they remade the old one so it would only be fitting.

so i'd like to see your logo more solid, in an actual circle and a little more "tough" because right now it looks like a jr. team or something.

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I think this is a fun logo. I agree that it needs some kind of "closure" to wrap it in. Perhaps the old standby of a grey rule around it. Leave some white around the blue & red, but the grey outside of that would be subtle and give it a jersey friendly form.

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