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2010 NHL Draft Hats

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Looks like RBK is moving away from the white, and these aren't comparable to the NFL hats either.


I'll add more as I find them.

Anaheim http://bit.ly/dkEMdh

Atlanta http://bit.ly/b3hte2

Boston http://bit.ly/cmsDo6

Buffalo http://bit.ly/aNe6SG

Calgary http://bit.ly/csgNhr

Carolina http://bit.ly/bGWQIA

Chicago http://bit.ly/dfTwpF

Colorado http://bit.ly/bBh36a

Columbus http://bit.ly/bF6wJk

Dallas http://bit.ly/aK3Mai

Detroit http://bit.ly/bCgr23

Edmonton http://bit.ly/b0ThrN

Florida http://bit.ly/9ylqsS

Los Angeles http://bit.ly/9Jj2UG

Minnesota http://bit.ly/bHchH0

Montreal http://bit.ly/bDczOH

Nashville http://bit.ly/c0kJiV

New Jersey http://bit.ly/93gLYb

NY Islanders http://bit.ly/bveNOf

NY Rangers http://bit.ly/d3VsK2

Ottawa http://bit.ly/bb7y2W

Philadelphia http://bit.ly/dgZRUn

Phoenix http://bit.ly/9PqV7Z

Pittsburgh http://bit.ly/9G2fKz

San Jose http://bit.ly/dejiG1

St. Louis http://bit.ly/aEP0Ge

Tampa Bay http://bit.ly/cnDkeX

Toronto http://bit.ly/cjuVFy

Vancouver http://bit.ly/a5pmjq

Washington http://bit.ly/914XXa

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Its hard to find a good hockey hat, but I really like these. Or at least the Blackhawks one, as I can see and is the only one I need to see


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My only concern is that every team may be grey... It's not exactly a color used by the Blackhawks, but it works.

I disagree about the grey... It may not clash with the red and black of the Hawks, But generally speaking it actually makes it dull, like the penguins Champions hats last year.

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Not 100% sure, but it doesn't look like the Sabres' logo has all the extra silver that they added in when they introduced the current thirds a couple years ago. The logo on the hat just looks like the original logo with the updated colors.

It'd be awesome if they "de-silverized" the Sabres logo a bit for the new uniforms this Fall. They went overboard adding silver to it a couple years back.

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I think the gray likes kinda dumb for the teams that don't use gray in their colour scheme. Also note that Minnesota's front is black(?), the Sabres are using the vintage logo, the Preds are using their 3rd's colours.

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