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DeFrank's NFL Redesign


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Hello everyone. This is my NFL Redesign! My idea for this thread is a place where I can post my ideas for each NFL team and make changes based on your comments and criticism. Unfortunately, many links have broken or changed over the whole thread, and many descriptions are obsolete. This post has all the uniforms, along with links to the descriptions of them (which in turn have links to earlier drafts). I hope you all enjoy and comment!

Click a team name to show a "Team Info" page.

Click a "Home, Away, Alt" to see that uniform.

Select "Post #" next to "Most Recent Version" to see team descriptions.


Washington Redskins: Most Recent Version: 10/31/11 (post 423)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Gold//Away-Alt

Philadelphia Eagles: Most Recent Version: 12/2/11: (post 440)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Black

New York Giants: Most Recent Version: 11/21/11 (post 429)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Away-Alt

Dallas Cowboys: Most Recent Version: 11/22/11 (post 435)

Uniforms: White//Blue//Throwback


Buffalo Bills: Most Recent Version: 2/22/11:(post 236)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Red//All-White

New England Patriots: Most Recent Version: 7/3/11 (post 366)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Red//Away-Alt

Miami Dolphins: Most Recent Version: 12/14/11 (post 451)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Away-Alt

New York Jets: Most Recent Version: 12/23/11 (post 464)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Home-Alt//Away-Alt


Seattle Seahawks: Most Recent Version: 2/20/11 (post 227)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Lime//Away-Alt

Arizona Cardinals: Most Recent Version: 2/13/12 (post 515)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Home-Alt//Away-Alt

San Francisco 49ers: Most Recent Version: 3/4/12 (post 554)

Uniforms: Home//Away


Oakland Raiders: Most Recent Version: 7/9/11 (post 386)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Home Alt//Away Alt

Kansas City Chiefs: Most Recent Version: 12/24/11 (post 474)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Away-Alt

San Diego Chargers: Most Recent Version: 2/20/12 (post 540)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Away-Alt


Minnesota Vikings: Most Recent Version: 3/7/11 (post 266)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Home-Alt//Away-Alt

Green Bay Packers: Most Recent Version: 2/11/12 (post 511)

Uniforms: Home//Away

Chicago Bears: Most Recent Version: 3/10/12 (post ---)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Away-Alt


Pittsburgh Steelers: Most Recent Version: 3/17/11 (post 278)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Home-Alt//Away-Alt

Cincinnati Bengals: Most Recent Version: 12/27/11 (post 478)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Black//Away-Alt


Carolina Panthers: Most Recent Version: 5/6/11 (post 318)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Blue//Away-Alt.//Home-Alt.

New Orleans Saints: Most Recent Version: 6/1/11 (post 344)

Uniforms: Home//Away//Home-Alt//Away-Alt


Indianapolis Colts: Most Recent Version: 8/25/11 (post 405)

Uniforms: Home//Away

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Seattle Seahawks

I feel that the Seahawks Uniforms are just boring. I tried to update their current logo to actually bring it back to the old logo. I decided that their logo supposedly seen only in Qwest Field should be their main logo. It's just really COOL. I added a little green to that as well. I took a page out of mBannons book with the side scheme. I went back to grey pants, and kept a neon alternate.


These have been HEAVILY updated in January. See Post 1.



Away Alternate 1

Away Alternate 2


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I just want you all to know that my seahawks concept is quite similar to mbannons in terms of neon striping and underarm coloring. I loved his concept and thought that this was the best way to make mine. Just don't want anyone to think I tried to copy without saying anything.

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Sguse1- when you say like new concepts for the vikings, what do you mean specificly? Like I was thinking gold pants but idk. Horn has to stay, and other than that their uniforms don't have much room for improvement or updating without changing color schemes. It might just be a slight recolor.

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I just see a lot of concepts that alter their current template and I take it that people think that their jerseys are near perfect.

However, it seems that people believe their uniforms are "arena league".

Id like to see a modernization that is drastically different than their current template.

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I LOVE that Seahawks set, mostly because you did two things right:

1) Go back to a silver helmet

2) Smartly incorporate the neon green as a compliment, not as a dominant color (neon jersey aside, of course)

The only thing I'm not too crazy about is the hip patch of the large seahawk, but that's mostly cause I've never really liked that logo anyway and there's no accounting for taste. Great work!

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