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2012 Winter Classic STL concept

missouri tigers


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Nice logo. although I think the triangle is uneeded. It would be nice if St. Louis were to get the Winter Classic that they tried to play it on the Grand Basin in Forest Park with Art Hill serving as the seating bowl. The rink would basically sit on a barge or floating dock on the lake and anchored into position. An idea like this, however, might be a logistical nightmare.


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don't just think of divisional foes. what about the stars or kings?

...the grand basin? you must be living in a fantasy world. busch stadium would be the only venue available, but i'd have the near side boards positioned along the right field foul line because of the layout of the stadium.

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Try using the Blues Navy in place of the current blue you have. Then Try "classic" in Blues gold and leave the sky blue. I don't think the red works at all, at least with your options.

Which of the following is the best, I decided to add red to logos 3&4 to make them relate more to Busch Stadium

1) STLsvg2011_02_05_18_09_530-2.png?t=1297025224




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Those colors look sharp. Other than removing the triangle, I would tweak the skyline. The only building that stands out is the old civil courts building in the center. Try using these four buildings in your silouette. From left to right - Carnahan Court Bldg, Union Station Tower, Civil Courts Building, and Metropolitan Square Bldg. If you do that I think, it would be a great logo.

This is probably not exactly what you had in mind, but is it any better?


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