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I really think the Senators are struggling to find a suitable identity. They had the two stripes, the swooshy pattern, now the uninspired RBK Edge template. There has also been a split on whether to use the 3D or 2D senator. Personally, I think the 2D is superior to the 3D logo. So, I decided to use it on all jerseys for some consistency. Then, I started looking at the Sens past sweaters and I was really drawn to the 2000-07 alternate. The infusing of the laurel pattern is great and unique. My goal was to create a unique identity, so it seemed the most logical. I actually started making the design on my own then glanced at the alternate and discovered mine was very similar to theirs. Anyways, I carried the design over to all the uniforms creating a sleek, unique, and clean identity. The colors balanced really nicely in my opinion as well. Hope you enjoy! C & C is appreciated. (One of my first hockey concepts)







Fauxback/ Winter Classic


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This is the correct set.

Completely agreed. I have NO clue why the senators can't understand that the side-profile logo is far and away the best they have had. This set is absolutely what they should have. No exceptions.

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Yeah, these are winners. Classy, traditional, yet they pop and have new features. These are excellent. Some might suggest a fauxback, and however nice that might be, I don't know if it would take away from these. This is a really great concept. Nice work.

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These look spectacular. Especially the Red Home jersey. The only thing I would get rid of is that number font... it will always be associated with the lacklustre edge jerseys IMO. The custom font the "swoosh" jersey was far superior. That being said this has to be one of the best Senators concepts I've seen on these boards in a while.

Great work!

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