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Existing Team Names being used in Different Sports


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I've had this in my head for some time, but I got to thinking--what are some team names in one of the major 4 sports that could work in a separate sport? In other words, what existing or defunct "Big 4" (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) team name would be able to successfully cross over to another sport?

For example, I feel that Hornets would work well for football, and Rockets would work well for football and hockey. Broncos could work well for basketball. What are your thoughts?

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i think most names could work in most sports... exceptions being things like penguins, that seem tailor made for ice.

I dunno, if the NFL and CFL could have teams called the "Eskimos" then even a wintry theme would work for those sports.

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Some animals for football:

Hawks, Cougars, Tigers, Leopards.

Although I love that new avatar of yours DeFrank, I think the only team name you mentioned that isn't represented in someway is the Cougars. I mean, you've got the Sea-hawks, and the Jaguars (basically a leopard-like team), but I would prefer the Cincinnati Tigers more so than the Bengals, simply due to the fact that Paul Brown started out coaching the Massillon Tigers (high school) and you could do some interesting "CT" secondary logos with a concept.

Also, speaking of football names, the Jets seems only appropriate for a basketball or hockey team, not so much so for a football team, and the same could be said about the Dolphins too. Way too weak, even feminine for a football nickname/mascot. Any Given Sunday aside, the Miami Sharks sounds way better, just incorporate the Dolphins color scheme and there you go.

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