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S J Sharks Concept


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I almost like it. I agree about the yoke. I also don't like the way the sleeve stripes would just kindof stop. Maybe have it end before it gets to the underarm, so that it would wrap around?

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Really, really nice. This is one of the most professional looking concepts I've seen in awhile.

I do agree with some of the above comments. While I don't hate the shoulders being black, I'd be interested in seeing a version without the black, but with a secondary logo (I love secondaries!) and no tie neck. It would be a really clean, modern version that way.

Again, I really am a fan of this jersey and it goes into my personal CCSL NHL jersey concept Hall of Fame - "Best Sharks Alternate Ever"


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using the secondary logo didnt look too good bc of the teal on teal so i changed the teal in the logo to white and it looked out of place.

i actually tried it without black and it looked weird, like something was missing.

ill toy with some things later and see wut i come up with

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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