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NFL Nike 2012 Unveil (Mock Series)

Brave-Bird 08

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Greetings CCLCers. I've finally found the time to kick back into work on my NFL concepts. I've gone back to polish and refine each idea, and have the template for all 32 teams smack on paper! So, here's the deal for this concept. It's not a series, per say, but more of a bulk unveil.

Yep. I'm going to unveil all 32 of my NFL concepts at once...TWO days before the real unveil by the NFL on April 3rd. I've usually been pretty conservative with concepts in the past, but for this project I want to push the limits of what I and my fellow board members can tolerate. I'm excited to be getting into this.

Until all of the concepts are completed, I will be teasing this thread with helmet teasers for the teams. Each divisions' helmet teaser will be unveiled at the conclusion of each division's "behind the curtain" completion. This is to add some suspense to the project!




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I really like what you did with the NFC West. All solid updates in the changes you made.

With the way that you got rid of the black in the Niners helmet, you could easily just keep the same uniform design and it'd be much more unified than their current unis.

I've never really had a problem with gray facemasks, but I think switching it out for white on the Cardinals helmet is a definite upgrade.

The one thing I would have liked to have seen is a lighter shade of blue for the Rams, although a change back to their old yellow is good enough, I guess :)

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Just to update everyone---Just got back from a student media conference in New York. Away from the computer for the past few days. I've got a paper to knock out before tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., then things are settling down. I'm just about ready to unveil the NFC North!

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Wonder how recognizable that Panthers helmet is going to be on TV? Pretty cool they went to black. Never was a fan of the silver helmets.

What? This is a concept series.

They are going to black helmets this year.

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