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MLS by mcrosby and capitalcanuck


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Well, after much time away from my own concept series due to the end of the school year taking up just about all of my time that wasn't reserved for blinking I'm back to take on the MLS.

This time we've got an M. Night Shymalan twist. Maybe not that extreme, but a twist all the same. This concept series will be a two person effort. The logos will generally be handled by myself, and uniforms by capitalcanuck. We'll both be bouncing ideas off of each other and will be posting each teams logo and uni set on a shared template.

The MLS we'll be creating is very similar to the MLS I created for my own unfinished series. A major difference: NO MORE ADIDAS! (if the team so chooses) We'll be following the popular format of allowing each club to outfit themselves. Many of these will be related to a team's sister club manufacturer (San Jose-Tottenham, Real Salt Lake-Real Madrid, etc.) and others will go by best fit for the team, and let's face it NIke soccer has proven to be the best in the business these days so expect a lot of swoosh.

So let's get started with the updated league-logo page and description


The 2012 MLS season is under way and attendance continues to rise as the league expands. More development academies pop up around the nation and the pool of talent continues to increase. As the league grows it will increase its salary cap, bringing international players in the prime of their careers instead of the twilight. By 2020 the league has expanded to its four division, 30 team format. Being stubborn Americans-they have yet to adopt the promotion-relegation format of soccer leagues worldwide. (I realize FIFA allows leagues to be only 24 teams but with the continuing growth of soccer worldwide I am making the assumption that they would allow participation by larger leagues). The divisions are separated by region, keeping natural rivalries intact and creating new rivalries with expansion teams. Teams will compete in a similar format as teams in NFL divisions, playing teams outside of their own division but focusing play on division competition. Each season will end with a regular season champion and a playoff to appease the playoff hungry American fanbase.

The logos:

I have posted many of these before in a previous thread. Many are amalgamations of current logos, all-star logos, and previous logos. I have continued that with this set up and have added some unseen logos as well. Some logos have been made entirely from scratch by myself (Puerto Rico, Albuquerque) while others are the team's current logos. This initial post is to provide a view of the league as a whole and I will continue by posting kit concepts for each team until we've been through all 30. We will post 'annual' updates through 2020, adding expansion teams each year. We'll throw in the updated current teams as we 'foresee' them doing so through the next 8 years.

The surprises:

-full choice on kit manufacturers

-throwbacks galore, including a 50 years since NASL celebration in 2018

-thirds for every team

-secondary logos for various teams

-the possibility of two more teams. Cases for an expansion team in the comments will only be heard if accompanied by sufficient C&C.

Here's a map of the future league:



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This was always a great series to watch. Glad to see it start up again. Where is Terminus Rising located?


Yeah my computer wasn't showing me the map when I posted that. Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee are a few ideas for expansion that might be discussed if you ever plan on expanding.

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Man! Don't each and every one of those logos look great!

I like how none look like they are a shade out of realistic, while you also did a great job updating and keeping true to current MLS identities.

The Atlantic would be an interesting situation in real life, seeing how as it's the most heavily expansion-team balanced team in this incarnation of the MLS. Your re-design of D.C. United's badge is definitely my favorite out of this division, while I also like the decision to add a little more to New York's logo with the tip of the Empire State Buildling at the top, while New England received a much deserved, and very well done update to their current (and crappy) logo. I like the idea of bringing back the Cosmos, a move all too predictable for American soccer. Terminus Rising FC will be an interesting one, considering I have no idea what city that could be, although I'm surprised there is no Miami team. Terminus' logo will also be more interesting to see up close, considering it's probably the hardest one to make out at small detail, which makes me suggest maybe re-working that logo. Ft. Lauderdale secretly has a super-sexy logo, while the Puerto Rico Islanders have a well done logo, although I don't know how I feel about the identity.

Your re-done logos in the Pacific Division are as impressive, while I'm even more surprised and pleased you didn't touch Vancouver's or Chivas' logo, although I would have preferred to see Chivas out of the picture... The move with the image in the middle is fine, but not note worthy. Not sure if I like your updates on Portland, with so much neon instead of their current color scheme which I feel comes off as absolute class, although with the influence of Oregon football on the state, the move is also realistic. LA Galaxy's new colors are interesting, seemingly taking Philadelphia's color scheme, while Minnesota remains the only team in the league with the blue/yellow color scheme. But one thing I really noticed right off the bat was your parity in color schemes, as every team pretty much has their own unique look and colors, a smart marketing plan for any league. Seattle and San Jose are almost absolute perfection, while I love San Jose's new color scheme. Edmonton is also looking good.

I'm kinda confused as to whether Alamo City FC's name is just that, or Alamo Arsenal as written on their logo. Nevertheless, the logo is quite sexy, while I like the transcending EPL Arsenal feel. ACSTL is just as good looking, and I love the burgundy, gold, and white scheme; while your updates on Sporting KC take the feel of the club from cheesy, to classy, while the newly scripted "KC" and whatever those colors are or mean at the top of the logo. Colorado is one I'd like to see up-close, since I'm kinda confused why you went with the old school "C" logo with a soccer ball in the middle, instead of how their current logo is. I also don't know how I feel about Real Salt Lake's update, the your dropping of the "REAL" script and the crown on the logo, replacing it with a measly mountain when the team is supposed to be "royalty". The move from navy to purple I'm also on the fence about, only because their current color scheme is great as is, while the move of purple seems unnecessary, but one I can handle considering it is one of my favorite colors in and out of sports design. The new crest is gonna have to grow on me, while Houston's and Albuquerque's new logos are nothing but love at first site. The shape and feel, as well as the shooting stars around the ball are exactly the way Houston needs to go, while Albuquerque makes use of the classic "Wanderers" soccer name, while also producing perhaps the classiest logo in all of this MLS. I'm a little disappointed with FC Dallas, however, as you just chose to keep around a mediocre and boring logo and choosing not to test your creativity! Push yourself and come up with something interesting! Who's to say that bull can't be charging! ?

Philadelphia's update looks good, but I don't like the dropping of the snake as the centerpiece of the snake, coming across as more threatening and intimidating that the Liberty Bell, one of the most overused symbols of Philadelphia. No sports team in Philly had made real use of the "Don't Tread of Me" snake, and you just gave that up to copy the Phillies. That shade of bronze is also interesting, and will either look good or bad depending on the uniforms. Chicago Fire looks decent, and went the route I went in my American Soccer League What If? concepts. Minnesota's new logo in real life is already great, which is probably why you didn't touch it. Your update of Montreal's is decent, and I like the more to a more darker agenda, while I think Toronto's update is absolutely devastating, getting rid of the maple leaf in favor for an over-simplified and generic design. Toronto's current logo is one that is as close as you can get to simple, effective, modern, and perhaps timeless. On the other hand, it's obvious Columbus needs a re-design of their logo, and yours looks like close to the route which they could possible go in real life. Detroit City is a great way to close things out as well, putting a much-needed team in Detroit, and I also like your choice to use the Spirit of Detroit statue as inspiration for the logo, one of the few classy symbols left for the city of Detroit, and one not really approached in sports marketing. The golden de-fleur patterned on the strong red/burgundy background also looks great, and I'm excited to see their uniforms.

Overall, things look great and I hope you guys can pull off a great soccer series!

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Doesn't anybody read what I type?! I said Terminus Rising FC is located in Atlanta because Atlanta's former name in Terminus.

Now go back to ignoring me like you always do.

Sorry, sometime people take 15 minutes to write a reply and don't have to time check for new one sentence posts before hitting reply.

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Alright kids, let's get this back on track.

Please. From the thread creator, please.

The Imperfect. That was outstanding C&C, thanks. Some of those things you've mentioned will be addressed as the concept progresses. You've earned the right to throw out some expansion city suggestions. Keep in mind the expansion would end at 32 teams so choose top 2 carefully.

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They're all great, especially rebranding Chivas to the LA market. There's two things that are bugging me.

1. On the side bar, the Detroit team is Detroit Spirit FC, but the logo reads Detroit City FC. Which is it?

2. From a distance, the state outline on FC Dallas just looks like a blotch. I liked the flame as a wink-wink nudge-nudge reference to the Burn, and additionally, Dallas really isn't Texas' team since Houston and ACFC (would have like to see the Scorpions) are in there as well.

My two cents, but they're at best two small blemishes on a very solid concept series.

As for expansions I would suggest Milwaukee and Tampa. Milwaukee (a modernization on the Bavarians?) due to its driving distance to Chicago and rich immigrant history, and Tampa (the Rowdies, obviously) to give the Strikers an historical rival.

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Good catches everyone. Those are all things that should have been corrected and are there as a result of too much tinkering.

Official names:

Detroit Spirit FC

Alamo Arsenal FC

Including the Rowdies was discussed over Atlanta, but with two teams already representing Florida we searched elsewhere.

The first kits should be up tonight or tomorrow before noon. Stay tuned.

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Although I like the Edmonton logo, they'll never get a team. MLS 'comisih' has said 'weather alone is is too much of a factor'. It is not that rare for it to snow in May their. Also their low attendance for MLS teams visiting in the Canadian Champions League has not helped.

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What led to choosing Orlando over Tampa for the second Florida team? I honestly can't speak for Orlando's soccer environment but with the current Rowdies growing presence and the historical ties I think they would be a much better option than Orlando. More realistic too, as they're already in the new NASL while Orlando is a league or two "down." Even just looking at current NASL teams I would think Tampa is a better promotion option than Edmonton and San Antonio, probably just behind Minnesota. To add another point, youth recreational and select soccer is huge here but again, I can't really say what it's like in Orlando.

I would vote for Tampa (reasons above) and a Carolina or Milwaukee franchise to be my two expansion clubs. I think either of the latter two would help spread the presence of the league.

Really not feeling the Terminus Rising FC name. Can't quite put my finger on it, it just feels clunky.

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One thing I just noticed about the Terminus Rising logo that I felt like I should point out, when you look at it a little more closely, the top looks like a KKK hood. Just me? I don't know, but I thought that I should at least bring it up...forgive me if I'm hallucinating

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2012: The MLS expands to bring an even number of teams to the league, 20. After many problems getting the NY Cosmos off the ground the MLS goes back to the NASL for an expansion team following the success of recent NASL 'perma-promotions'. This time around the MLS returns to Florida with much fanfare. Orlando City SC is already an established brand in the area and only gains more with the increased level of competition. The team updates their logo for the promotion and adds jerseys that have a classic feel yet are unique to the MLS.




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