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Make the sun a basketball.

On September 20, 2012 at 0:50 AM, 'CS85 said:

It's like watching the hellish undead creakily shuffling their way out of the flames of a liposuction clinic dumpster fire.

On February 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM, 'pianoknight said:

Story B: Red Wings go undefeated and score 100 goals in every game. They also beat a team comprised of Godzilla, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, 2 Power Rangers and Betty White. Oh, and they played in the middle of Iraq on a military base. In the sand. With no ice. Santa gave them special sand-skates that allowed them to play in shorts and t-shirts in 115 degree weather. Jesus, Zeus and Buddha watched from the sidelines and ate cotton candy.

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I made some adjustments to the logo over the weekend and the text underneath the sail was a good idea. Also, I worked out the uniform set and went with a sky blue alternate instead of regular blue. The comments under the Clippers' entries were right, sky blue would set the Clippers apart.






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First of all, the numbers on the jerseys are WAY too big, especially on the front side. Typically the numbers on the front are smaller than the numbers on the back of basketball jerseys. Also, consider a different number font. This one isn't matching the rest of the jersey. I like the idea of making a somewhat retro looking logo for the Clippers here, going back to their San Diego days, but I'm not exactly seeing a boat below the sail. Does anyone else think the shape of the boat is odd, or just me? I would get rid of the gray outlining the sail because there is no other gray in this logo and it seems out of place.

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I really like this...you've got a good start.

Just a few things though:

- that basketball/sun is going to lose detail when the logo is scaled down. Better to leave it as a solid circle.

As is now, that sailboat looks more like a hang glider. It probably has more to do with the "mast" if the sail, not to mention the bow pointing down rather than up. Also, clipper ships are known for their many sails, so could you try the three-sail thing with the shape you have now?

Excellent script font choice (what font is that, anyway?), but I feel you should also match the number font to it. Oh and, now that I see it on the uniforms, either make it thicker or add an outline to the scripts—as is now they get lost against the background when scaled down.

Good start though...keep at it.

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I went back the logo and got rid of the outline on the sails and added two more after looking up clippers on Google. Oddly enough, it now looks the original logo.


There was one mistake I made earlier that I didn't realize until last night. I thought the white-Home/colored-Away was reversed for the NBA. And Buc the font that I used for the wordmarks is Philosopher.





And I made a fourth just for the heck of it.


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At first glance I read "Chippers" in the primary logo. Maybe there's a way to space out the l and i a little bit?

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Much better with the updates. The ship looks like a clipper now. Taking out the thin details of the basketball lines and keeping it a plain circle is a good move. One nit-pick in the logo is the tension point between the top of the L and the bottom of the boat.

The jerseys are also much improved now that you re-sized the numbers. The numbers are a little too high and close to the the words though. Move the numbers down a tad on the front side. Also, all the jerseys have an outline around the letters, except the home jersey which has no outline. To keep it consistent, add a red outline.

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Loving the update to the logo. The font, to me, is a bit wonky - I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the serif, but I get its inclusion.

I really dig the jerseys and shorts, but I don't much care for the piping along the sides of the jersey/shorts. If including piping, I'd be curious to see how it looks by not carrying the trim around the arms/neck all the way around the jersey. Maybe have the piping connect to the arm detailing, wrap the detailing around the front and on top of the shoulder to continue around the back of the neck and back down the front? I'm not sure how that would look/if it would create a "bib" effect, but there's something that feels off about the piping connecting at the arms.

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Best of the Clippers branding attempts I've seen thus far...excellent choice of wordmark font and great update of the sails.

A few suggestions, though: 1) Experiment with arching the wordmark on the jersey, 2) Is there any way a "nautical flags" element would fit? (I'm thinking a secondary/tertiary consisting of the nauticals for "L" and "A.")

Overall, some fab stuff, AoA...keep it up!

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