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AAC Football Redesign by ThePeam (Memphis Added)


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So guys I'm redesigning (tweaking some) the American Athletic Conference. C&C always welcome.


Connecticut (Home, Road, Home Alt, Road Alt)

Houston (Home, Away, Home Alt 1, Away Alt 1, Home Alt 2, Away Alt 2)


Memphis (Home, Away, Home Alt, Away Alt)




South Florida


Here is the template I will be using:


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I'm not saying it's a bad concept, but the Houston set looks too much like Houston's pro football team. I'd replace all instances of navy blue with regular blue, powder blue, silver, black, or just about anything else.

If the Texans weren't in town and didn't already have similar uniforms this would be a good set. However, since they are, you're going to have to go for a different look. Meanwhile, the uniforms you made don't have to be tossed entirely; they could be used for another school. SMU? UConn?

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