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The Best Looking Divisions

Silent Wind of Doom

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Simply put what do you think is the best looking division in each sport? Which sport? Whatever sport you decide.

Naturally in college sports we'd be speaking about conferences.

So who's the best? If you want to you can kick in your worst as well.

In baseball it's a very tough decision. I think that the newer Blue Jays identity makes the American League East one of the best.


However, the National League Central and American League West make it tough.



The NL East and West would compete if it weren't for the Padres and Marlins. I guess I just end up thinking the MLB has an overall really great look.

In football, the AFC East is legendary and iconic, but the Patriots, while looking cool, have some major flaws and the Dolphins rebrand... what did you do to my baby? They had one of the best uniforms in the sport. Where'd the orange go? ;_;


The NFC East is also legendary, iconic, and just downright beautiful, although the Eagles suffer similar flaws to the Patriots.


But I think I'm going to have to go with the NFC North. All four looks are iconic and while there can be small gripes here and there the teams overall look pretty darn good.


What are your opinions/arguments/disagreements?

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In the NFL, it's NFC north by a mile. NFC west is probably the worst.

Agree with the NFC North being the best looking, but the AFC South is by far the worst...Jags easily drag them down plus I've never been a fan of the Titans whole look...just my two cents.

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The NFC North is probably the best, but it's not perfect. There are a few niggling flaws with the Lions and Vikings' sets I'd like to see cleaned up.

The AFC East is a strong contender, with Miami's redesign being the worst of the bunch. It's not as bad as some other modern designs though.

In MLB I'd have to say the AL East. Like the NFC North it's not perfect though. Boston's road uniforms still pail in comparison to the last version and the Rays need...something...to give their look life.

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I must say, in my original post I forgot about the AFC West. That is a pretty... well... pretty division. I gotta dock them points, though, for a navy Chargers team. Raiders are possibly the strongest identity in the sport. Chiefs have a great color combo with a classic uniform. Broncos uniforms are all right and have some gimmicky features in the name of modernization, but unlike the Patriots and Eagles they have an awesome-looking and bright color combination. I also like their logo. I think it's leaps and bounds above the older version.


As for the worst in the NFL, I gotta go with the AFC South.


It's so terrible a division in comparison to the others that even the beautifully perfect Colts can't save it. The Jags are a mess, the Texans' navy is so dark that they become bland, and the Titans are okay, but not remarkable.

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The NL West suffers from the Brewers needing a total redesign and the Reds still insisting on black and that faux-retro font.

The AL West is better, but I'll have to see how the tweaks the Rangers have made look on the field.

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NFL: (Best Looking Team)

1. NFC North - (Packers)

2. AFC West - (Chiefs)

3. AFC North - (Steelers)

4. AFC South - (Texans)

5. NFC South - (Buccaneers)

6. AFC East - (Patriots)

7. NFC East - (Giants)

8. NFC West - (Seahawks)

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NHL- Atlantic. Having 4 of the best dressed in the league cancels the fact that they also feature the worst (Ottawa) and some average or below average sets. A second place would go to the Metro (NYR, NYI, Philly, NJ). The Western divisions just have too much bad mixed in with the good.

NBA- Atlantic. Feature the best (Boston) and the rest are neither bad nor fantastic.

MLB- This is very close for me. The Cards, arguably the league's best, are in a division with some terrible sets.

NL West, which features the beautiful Dodgers and Giants, also have the Padres and Diamondbacks.

Phillies, Mets and Braves share the NL East with the atrocious Marlins.

AL West is quite decent, with all teams ranging from average (Seattle) to top-5 (Oakland).

AL Central makes a case as well, but the main team making the case, the Tigers only have the home uni working for them. KC has vaulted itself into top-10 IMO, while the White Sox, Indians and Twins are all pretty well dressed.

I'm going to have to give it to the AL East. The Yanks and Jays are top 5, Red Sox and O's are top-15 and the Rays aren't that bad.

NFL- NFC North. This division features 2 of the top 3 in the NFL (Chicago, Green Bay), a much-improved Vikings look and an O.K. Lions set.

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The NHL is interesting. I'd go with the Met being the best looking division overall. The Atlantic has Boston, Detroit, Montreal, and Toronto, but they also have Buffalo, Florida, Ottawa, and Tampa Bay. So it's half fantastic and half lower end middle of the road.

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NFC South.

Not sure if youre saying best or worst. Consider that in the NFC South every team employs the color black with two using it as primary home looks. The Saints refuse to use enough gold what with their leotard looks, the Panthers wear white pants with the aways and have terrible helmet stripes, and the Falcons are quickly becoming outdated with all their piping. Only the Bucs have the strong, clean identity in this division. In fact it's very comparable to the AFC North where we also find an overusage of black/dark colors.

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AL Central is solid, classic, and consistent. Every other division seems to have at least one team that's "meh" to bad.

The AL Central has some beautiful, classy, and classic looks, but there's a lot of faults.


The Indians look above, to me at least, IS the Indians. Cleveland is not the Yankees. They're not the team of rigid traditionalism. They're more a light, fun team and I think that the wordmark above represents that personality perfectly, and that over the last 20 years it's become iconic.

But over the past couple years the Indians have seen fit to muddle their identity. The mismatching jovial cursive and sparse print do clash a bit, but my greatest gripe is the the block-letter C. Only existing in the team's history for two years less than a decade removed from the turn of the century, this C is the epitome of boredom. Their expanded usage of it has steadily made their identity worse. Why not go for the wishbone? They wore that for a long time, and while Cincinnati uses it, the Yankees and the Mets both use an interlocking NY. Perhaps making it red with white lining will distinguish them enough like the Mets and Yankees. My favorite option is to use this C if they NEED to change to a C. The current block C is just so BLAH!!!

And then there's the Twins. I put that home uniform above... but I'm not even sure if that's their current home. They've got their Metrodome set, which is clean, striking, has a great amount of history behind them. Then when they moved to Target Field, they introduced a throwback alternate uniform. Sounds cool. But then they changed their away uniform to a uniform in style with the throwback. And after the death of Harmon Killebrew, they started wearing the alternate more than their home uniform. I wouldn't mind them making a decision one way or the other (although I think the throwbacks need more red to jazz them up, like the original throwback they introduced), but they seem to be caught between two identities. I do love them for sticking with the wonderful "TC" cap insignia.

The White Sox are perfect. The Royals are just beautiful. The Tigers have an iconic home and a really unique away that I love. I think the flaws in Cleveland and Minnesota weight them down, though.

The Brewers look okay. A bit drab, and they have way too many alternates, but the NL Central also has the Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates to greatly improve their score. And while the Rays are often considered drab posers, I think that their unis look clean and pretty good. The navy/columbia blue/yellow combination is unique, and I wish they accentuated that, rather than being mostly navy/white. The Rangers may have a confused look and some extraneous lines, but they own royal and red and look pretty darn good in either. To be honest, and this is hard to say as someone who prefers white/gray, I think their red and blue alternates are amazing and their best look.

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The Cowboys' pants and Eagles new shade of green ruin the NFC East.

I'm going NFC North also. If the Lions would just go back to blue and silver ONLY, no one could touch that division.

AL Central is solid, classic, and consistent. Every other division seems to have at least one team that's "meh" to bad.

The AL Central has some beautiful, classy, and classic looks, but there's a lot of faults.


Agreed. The AL East is ruined by the Rays, Every team is solid in the Central.

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