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  2. You're correct to be wary. That image is not representative of the design.
  3. The rear of the plane is actually a pretty decent start. There could be a some better depth and color balance though. I would lose the thin white outlines separating the stabilizers and fill those with a solid color. You could also exaggerate the engines a bit as well. The way the green and yellow meet and mirror each other in the body of the jet gets a bit muddled when you scale down the logo and you lose some of that perceived dimension.
  4. Up next we have the University of New Jersey Mallards. They use their blue and green jerseys equally for home games. University of New Jersey Location: Clifton, New Jersey Type: Public University Founded: 1895 Major Rivals: New Jersey State, Rutgers
  5. The Redneck Rangers are off to a great start. Dzingel and Haula making an immediate impact. Svech already showing signs of improvement in his sophomore year. Once Aho finds his stride this team could be a real force.
  6. I feel as if we're being teased. A red Pistons jersey that makes good use of the Motor City nickname? Check. The NBA logo back on the front where it belongs? Check. Pistons fans will probably just get a brown and gray jersey with Nike speak thrown in: "The brown represents the grease that bleeds through the silver skin of Detroit's auto mechanics."
  7. I would guess the exact opposite and say they showcase the far superior green set this time, though it will likely be green pants too. Teams generally break it up when they have multiple primetime home games.
  8. Agree on the newer socks. That's strange about the Rays' socks. I'm with you... It's easier to see those as two separate stripes, for some reason.
  9. I think a lot of you guys are overthinking this and Packers just wanted to wear all whites
  10. In other instances, maybe, but there’s really no upside from a retail perspective for the Packers to wear their color rush set. It’s their standard white jersey, not a special design like other teams have for their CR uniforms.
  11. Yea, I just noticed that. I am about 3 weeks from the end of my High School Football Umpire season (29th in Arizona and 34th over all). I plan to update and work on fields I ahve not completed yet like Baltimore (Stars), Jacksonville (Bulls), Memphis (Showboats), and Oklahoma/Arizona (Outlaws).
  12. Orlando to Tampa "should" take about an hour and a half, but us locals know thats only possible in the middle of the night when driving on I-4. I live about 10 miles east of Tampa, and to get to Disney World (about 50-55 miles away, and about 15 miles or so south of downtown Orlando) takes me an hour and 15 minutes on a good day.
  13. This is a perfectly legitimate question. My response is bolded. I never even considered the other possibility until the Rays starting using their own version with light blue stripes. I go back and forth a little more on the Rays' version, if that makes any sense at all. Slightly off topic: The superstretchy Stance socks totally ruin this look. The proportions on the current version (see Cardinals photo above) are completely out of whack. The old ones looked infinitely better.
  14. You are correct on this, but don't say I didn't warn you. Also, Brandon Carr is still in the league?! That is surprising.
  15. That's such a baby Pats fan response. Don't be that guy. We just talked about this - It's hard enough to win in the NFL, much less on the road in the playoffs, you shouldn't have to stop a team twice because the officials botched the obvious call. It is "it the Refs fault defense choked & failed to make adjustments" because if they do their job then there's no 3rd and 18 after that. That's a fact. Just admit you should've lost to the Jags and you got lucky. Do all of Patriots fans a favor and admit you should've lost to the Jags and you got lucky.
  16. Or they you know, shouldn’t have given up a 3rd & 18. Not it the Refs fault defense choked & failed to make adjustments.
  17. I remember it well. Myles Jack wasn't down and some home town Patriots officiating handed them the game and everybody knows it. We should be sitting here going "remember when the Jags were in the Super Bowl recently?"
  18. Today
  19. Too bad they didn't fight back hard enough and outright refuse to wear them like Washington did. That was probably the only good decision Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder have ever made for the team.
  20. The more I think about the Peters trade, the more I think it’s a great move for the Ravens. A Ravens film guy I trust called him a high risk, high reward corner, which certainly seems accurate based on how he’s gotten toasted in the past. That being said? Like I said in my previous post, he’s an obvious upgrade on what the Ravens had in the secondary. What really seals this as a great deal though in my eyes is what we gave up (or didn’t). Kenny Young had a great rookie season but fell hard and was clearly in the doghouse, hadn’t played on defense in two games (had a few ST snaps against Pittsburgh). And the pick we gave up was the one we fleeced Minnesota for in exchange for a kicker that was kinda okay in preseason. So you essentially gave up nothing to get an upgrade in an area of need. Yes please.
  21. After 150 years of professional baseball, there’s a modicum of precedent for any damn fool thing they can come up with. No matter how silly.
  22. Lol it really is. I wish teams used their alts to use their full color palette instead of using black and weird colors (like the Celtics could use gold instead of black although I don’t have a problem with the Celtics black because we don’t have many colors). I guess the Clippers must have two black jerseys now? I wish they’d get rid of the statement and make a red jersey.
  23. I still wish they’d fix the angle. Why does it look fine on the away uniforms but messed up on the home uniforms?
  24. Next we head to Maryland for the Retrievers. Players get a bone for every big play made. The Retrievers wear gold for Atlantic-8 games, saving their white and all-green uniforms for non-conference games. Maryland State University Location: Bethesda, Maryland Type: Public University Founded: 1908 Major Rivals: Baltimore State, Maryland
  25. Kansas City (Getting away from Arrowhead might help..) San Francisco (Back to dumpsters for you, Redskins) Houston (Might be the most entertaining game of the day) Cincinnati (They're bound to win a game, right?) Buffalo (If the Bills don't score 50 on the Lolphins, I'll riot) Green Bay (Pretty sure the refs won't be needed here...) NY Giants (Toss up kind of game) Minnesota (Detroit is at .500, which means Cousins will do well) LA Rams (Need to get your offense back on track? The Flailing Falcon Defense can help with that!) LA Chargers (Tannehill as the starter? Oh lord...) Chicago (Teddy hits a brick wall and it's name is Khalil Mack) Seattle (Earl Thomas' homecoming is going to be spoiled) Philadelphia (Man, the NFC East is trash) New England (Lighting is not going to strike twice for the Jets)
  26. If the groom was using the wedding to boost his financial interest in a hoodie company. Gross. Then again, the regular Nats home jerseys are so ugly, the alts are a huge improvement. So, torn.
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