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  2. I just got the go ahead from my editor to write an article on the topic of the lack of MLB expansion prior to the early 60’s, so stayed tuned to the Hardball Times in the coming weeks. There are answers to the questions of why the MLB didn’t expand, but also how forced it really was when it came about. Gene Audrey purchased the Angels on December 6th, 1960. The team had its expansion draft December 14th. Eight days to prepare to sign Major League players and you don’t even have tickets to sell. You can imagine how the American League owners were chomping at the bit for expansion to come about if that’s the amount of preparation that went into getting the team ready. For lack of better phrasing, these were some stubborn old bastards who weren’t changing they way they did business for anyone or anything. The process of expansion was kickstarted and sustained by lawyers. You had to all but sue to get a Major League team. Kansas City was about to before they got the Royals. These owners killed the potential development of the league for decades to come. People talk about 30 teams being enough. There was enough talent and interest to justify an English Premier League type system in the mid-50’s. That’s how much these owners held back. It’s been mentioned about how the owners were going to vote to allow the Browns to move to Los Angeles in 1941, but was cancelled because of Pearl Harbor. That could explain why Los Angels didn’t get a team until 1945, but it doesn’t account for 1946-1957, and we’re talking about the second largest US city even back then. Only when faced with the prospect of dealing with a competitive league did the MLB decide to get serious about expansion and westward movement. Even then they went kicking and screaming afraid of any alternations or additions being made to their exclusive 16-member club. I won’t get into much if any of that, because it take a lot more than the 2,000 or so words I have to cover all of it. But it speaks a lot to the mentality of why baseball fell behind in the 60’s, while every other league was pushing the pedal to the metal when it came to expanding.
  3. Gettleman needs to be shown the door. He could have had Josh Allen or even a Jonah Williams who would fill huge glaring needs that they have...but instead he picks the Duke QB. Hey Gettleman, how does it feel knowing the Jets beat you in the draft this year?
  4. Ehhhh.... Not exactly.. but kinda-ish.. In the official release, they clearly claim it represents "numerous campus buildings and structures".. Then they specifically reference the Nippert Stadium Press Box, as well as referencing two different aspects of the Lindler Center..
  5. Are Bucs changing their number font? Noticed their first round picks jersey had a different number (1) font.
  6. This is already way beefier than the Leafs series, and there’s actual history there. Did not expect this kind of intensity from game 1 but I love it.
  7. Optimistic view: The Blue Jackets took a period off, Werenski was awful, and they still should’ve won the game. Negative view: They should’ve won the game.
  8. It's their new "gotham" green.
  9. Well, that sucks. That aside, this looks like it could end up being a helluva series. Jackets gotta get game two.
  10. Charlie Coyle The Game 1 hero! (or rather villain, for everyone else)
  11. There's only one member of the Bruins roster I'd be happy to see raise Lord Stanley: Jaroslav Halak.
  12. Didn’t that already happen with some guy getting the longest suspension the league had ever seen? Also, what’s Richard Garfield like? Seeing that he lifted a ban on facial hair that I think only the Yankees have, part of me feels like he wants to attract a younger crowd.
  13. I know the Pack needed to replace Clay's corpse. I'm no Kiper, but I'm pretty sure "talented underachiever" isn't the ideal type of dude that sounds like he'd be up to it.
  14. It's like he wants Eli to be as comfortable as possible instead of planning for the future. I feel like both Michigan players are acreach because neither did anything memorable in big games this year.
  15. The Blue Jackets finally go to overtime this month, which means it finally feels like a CBJ playoff series!
  16. Seth Jones is a special talent. It’s too bad the Norris is presented for most points and not actual defensive performance.
  17. Sharks homer here; not intentionally, and hopefully not accidentally, being obtuse but I don’t agree with this move by the NHL. After the fact, yes it was a tough call for Vegas but you know what? The refs have very little time to react and for a player to be lying motionless on the ice with blood, they huddled and called it based on the written rules of the game. The only reason this turned into such a controversy is because the benefitting team ended up scoring 4 goals in 4 minutes. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t even be talking about it today. If the NHL is as serious about player safety as they say they are, then they made the correct call based on the situation at the time. End soapbox rant. If I am being obtuse, please tell me because I was really irritated upon reading this earlier today.
  18. Celtics Hall of Famer John Havlicek passed away earlier today at age 79.
  19. Pittsburgh trades up, for a LB. Their DC is going to run this guy into the ground covering WRs because he doesn't know any better coverage schemes.
  20. Had to be since they last Duke QB they drafted was the INT machine, Dave Brown.
  21. Next up we have the Princeton Tigers (wonder how they came up with that nickname?). Princeton High School Nickname: Tigers Enrollment: 1,009 Rival(s): Class: A State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 3 (2002, 2003, 2016) Home: I based my version of their jerseys off of their current home, but I changed a couple things. The biggest change was putting the school's P logo on the chest instead of the Wild knock off script. I also adjusted the shoulders, adding a slim white stripe between the orange and black, and I also made the stripes a bit thicker than they are currently. Away: The away is a black version of the home. Alternate: The alternate is all orange and black, it is almost identical to their old away/alt (not sure which it was), and it replaces their horrible, awful, no good, very bad current alternates. Next up will be the Rogers Royals. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  22. Wanna bet it’s because he has a connection to manning?
  23. Today
  24. Gettleman drafts the inaccurate Daniel Jones???
  25. When your first line fails to show up for a second straight playoff game what do you expect ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  26. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that “Pride of London” logo before, though. That’s pretty cool.
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