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  2. Sharks homer here; not intentionally, and hopefully not accidentally, being obtuse but I don’t agree with this move by the NHL. After the fact, yes it was a tough call for Vegas but you know what? The refs have very little time to react and for a player to be lying motionless on the ice with blood, they huddled and called it based on the written rules of the game. The only reason this turned into such a controversy is because the benefitting team ended up scoring 4 goals in 4 minutes. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t even be talking about it today. If the NHL is as serious about player safety as they say they are, then they made the correct call based on the situation at the time. End soapbox rant. If I am being obtuse, please tell me because I was really irritated upon reading this earlier today.
  3. Celtics Hall of Famer John Havlicek passed away earlier today at age 79.
  4. Pittsburgh trades up, for a LB. Their DC is going to run this guy into the ground covering WRs because he doesn't know any better coverage schemes.
  5. Had to be since they last Duke QB they drafted was the INT machine, Dave Brown.
  6. Next up we have the Princeton Tigers (wonder how they came up with that nickname?). Princeton High School Nickname: Tigers Enrollment: 1,009 Rival(s): Class: A State Titles: 0 State Tournament Appearances: 3 (2002, 2003, 2016) Home: I based my version of their jerseys off of their current home, but I changed a couple things. The biggest change was putting the school's P logo on the chest instead of the Wild knock off script. I also adjusted the shoulders, adding a slim white stripe between the orange and black, and I also made the stripes a bit thicker than they are currently. Away: The away is a black version of the home. Alternate: The alternate is all orange and black, it is almost identical to their old away/alt (not sure which it was), and it replaces their horrible, awful, no good, very bad current alternates. Next up will be the Rogers Royals. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  7. Wanna bet it’s because he has a connection to manning?
  8. Gettleman drafts the inaccurate Daniel Jones???
  9. When your first line fails to show up for a second straight playoff game what do you expect ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that “Pride of London” logo before, though. That’s pretty cool.
  11. Within the span of a minute, the Blue Jackets now have a 2-1 lead YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I hate how the bruins forget to play hockey when ever they got a lead.
  13. When you look into why mike Mayock was considered a “draft guru” you’ll see it isn’t because of his scouting but because he just talked to GM’s to get an idea about players. He’s a hack.
  14. Y'all forgot Mike Mayock has been looking over college film for years himself. The same film which Gruden has never seen and they brought their scouts back early for that.
  15. No, he just had so many espn producers fondling his “football genius” he believes his :censored: don’t stink, and doesn’t realize the game has literally passed him by.
  16. The Crusaders along with the Deacons both have their existences up in smoke as of now. And Evansville still isn’t up to competing with the likes of Louisville, Hamilton or even Dayton. I would add Covington but they’ve really fallen off, I don’t see them getting better next year, with that star talent they have or not
  17. So is Gruden purposely making the Raiders even worse than they are just to get revenge on Al Davis' ghost.
  18. The three stripes represent three of the foreign heads of government on whose behalf he claims to be running
  19. Raiders doing a great job reaching when they got 2 other first round draft picks they could have used to get the same player.
  20. That Chelsea kit is disgusting
  21. Well refs only get paid for games they officiate so... atleast that’s the way it is in other sports leagues.
  22. Jones isn’t the first documented baseball player of color. But he is the first of African decent, and the first to play for the NEBL or USBL. Teams have had Hispanic players since the leagues inception. Most have played in more local leagues and teams across the country. Owners in both leagues have been actually pushing for more segregation in baseball. Although no negro leagues have been formed professionally as of yet
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  24. yeah, I can't see this as anything but the Cards/NFL/both punishing Rosen for wrongthink
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