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  1. Different opinions and different strokes, but I never saw a problem with the Dolphin wearing a helmet. Given that Orioles generally don’t wear caps, Penguins generally don’t wear skates, and Hornets generally don’t wear sneakers and dribble a basketball (among MANY other examples), a helmet-wearing Dolphin doesn’t bother me a bit. Hell, it’s not even the first NFL logo to feature something wearing a helmet that shouldn’t be; the Colts beat them to it more than a decade before, and that logo is still used on some merchandise today after a hiatus, so it’s not something they shun by any means. Point is, it’s not too far fetched for or beneath a professional team to be a little whimsical and it’s really not as big a problem in my eyes as some make it out to be. Besides, it’s hard for me to see the current Dolphin as “dignified” anyways when I can’t unsee it doing a belly flop. It probably would’ve sold me had it been in something closer to the original leaping position, but not that one.
  2. I can’t remember if that ever got confirmed for sure or not, but I do remember some talk about the Mavs. First page of the thread there’s a post saying Teal said so, not sure where else though. I sure hope they change, and I hope it’s a big one. They’ve been due for years. Crossing fingers for a return to blue and green, but if not, then at least a classic edition throwback would be awesome. I imagine green Doncic throwbacks would sell very well.
  3. to The accompanying uniform update wasn’t great, but I always thought this logo update was very well done. Not perfect, but did everything that needed to be done and did it well.
  4. I disagree on the Knicks and Nuggets ones posted. The Knicks one looks kind of weird with the 3-D effect being the same color as the triangle, the black looks a bit more natural in terms of shadow and such. As for the Nuggets, I actually thought the 90’s color scheme fit them really well as it seemed to have a kind of rugged miner look to it. I made that association instantly. The recolor to the much brighter palette was really jarring to me and I never really liked it that much, it just seemed better suited for a coastal California team or something as opposed to the rugged mountain look I’d gotten used to for them. Just my opinion though, I know a lot of others liked the brighter palette and that’s cool!
  5. The Utah Jazz Summer League is being rebranded to the Salt Lake City Summer League: A no-brainer great move to change the name, and I dig the branding too.
  6. It wasn’t terrible at all - I dare say it was even decent - but it did have some problems. The question was whether or not those uniforms were better than what teams are wearing today, and that particular Heat uniform is not better than the red one now, in my opinion. It wasn’t a carbon copy of them of course, but it always kind of struck me as treading a little close into Bulls-ish territory and it really needed some orange to set it apart like the home and road uniforms had (or swap the text and number colors to be white outlined in black, at the very least). Again, not carbon copy, but my first thought every time I ever saw it from childhood was that it reminded me of the Bulls and I didn’t think that was the best thing when there were things they could’ve done to make it different. Plus - and this was a problem with all three uniforms in that set - the wordmark was a bit wonky and not very well rendered. If I’m choosing between the current red uniform and that one, I think the current is just better executed. That all said, there are elements of the original Heat identity that I still really love. Black-red-orange was a great color scheme and the way the colors were distributed on the home and roads was very effective in my opinion. I even thought the gradient ball was awesome. It was pretty much just the jersey wordmark and the multiple outlines of the home numbers, as well as the aforementioned alternate stuff, that needed work.
  7. Suns and Pacers? Yes. The rest, no....well I like the Bulls alt better than any other alt they’ve had, but it’s not better than their traditional home and roads, that is. That said, being a 90’s kid, I’ll fully admit that I’d still love seeing most of these as throwback alts even for one game just for nostalgia’s sake and nothing more. And that may partially answer your question as well; for some it may not be that it’s a good design, it’s just that nostalgia hits a certain chord.
  8. Exactly. I think had they removed the sun, I never would’ve had the belly flop connotation at all and would’ve seen it as swimming, but the sun makes me think it’s in the air and about to become the next FailArmy star. Sure, we can assume it’s swimming and the sun is just gleaming through the water, but in my opinion regarding logos if you have to force yourself assume something in order to see it, it’s not communicating effectively enough to work. That’s why in my opinion it’s just not good.
  9. I still see the dolphin doing a belly flop. I know that’s not what it’s really doing of course, but I saw it first thing and haven’t been able to unsee it. I also agree that it’s always looked a bit awkward on the helmet. I guess for me it comes down to that I really don’t mind the modern take at all, it’s just a very awkward form to me. That’s just my opinion and how I see it.
  10. This was probably posted way back somewhere, but in any case, here’s an appreciation post for the Braves wearing a variation of the old Boston/Milwaukee socks again. They look really great and I hope they keep to it like the Cardinals have for years with their classic socks.
  11. Nope, a helmet wouldn’t have saved that thing. Not for me, at least.
  12. If Miami wants to keep a vice set as an occasional alternate, I’d be fine with that. But they shouldn’t switch to it full-time. There’s nothing really wrong with their identity in my opinion and a switch to vice would reek of “just ‘cause”. Besides, if some people (somehow) confuse Miami with Toronto? That’s not Miami’s problem; they beat Toronto to black and red a long time ago. If anybody has to “fix” that problem, it’s Toronto.
  13. For the record, though I’ve long been an advocate for the Jazz returning to purple, I’m perfectly okay if it’s not the original color scheme, as great as it may be. Having previously lived in Louisiana as well, I totally get how much more fitting the colors are for New Orleans. Strictly for looking more “Utah”’s sake, I’d rather them find a way to keep the classic logo but use a variation of the mountains colors, which was a brilliantly “Utah” color scheme. Of course you’d rightfully need to cut down on a few colors to make that work, but purple-sky blue-copper applied to the classic look sounds like a win to me. That way you keep it classic Jazz and still nod to most of the team’s history while looking more like Utah than New Orleans. Great compromise in my mind, and I’d be thrilled for it as a fan. And if not that, then I’m still a fan of The Admiral’s suggestion too. Either way, purple > navy any day for me.
  14. Looks like that’s just a photoshopped Chiefs jersey. Still looks pretty good, though.
  15. Sorta looks like an altered version of the old Philadelphia wordmark (look at “arriors”): Also, though going the opposite way, I see that basketball with the 4-point stars trailing and see something that’d be a great update of the Magic’s original ball. You’d have to place the stars a bit closer to the ball trail, of course, but the idea is there.
  16. That sounds really good, I’d be on board with that. If the Jazz were never to use dark purple, I’ve always thought the Raptors would look great in it. In my head, it’d look excellent with red (so long as black was eliminated out of the color scheme entirely). I’m trying to think of other teams that have used a darkish purple and I’m only coming up with the Mighty Ducks (eggplant). There’s gotta be others, right?
  17. As a Jazz fan, I get it. I really do. Silly name, SLC’s not a Jazz music hotbed, blah blah blah. But the name’s not going anywhere. Hasn’t in 40 years, and won’t in the next 40 and probably ever. Let’s all accept and deal with that, and move along. They definitely could make some improvements in other aspects of the brand, no doubt about that, and I’d like to see a few of those things happen. A name change will never be one of those things, though.
  18. Man, I miss the Fiesta. They don’t need new uniforms at all (well, they could scrap the camo alts), but I’d sure love a Fiesta court again.
  19. I still think this was the D they should’ve unified: And though it’s not the same one, the flat top makes it looks close enough to one that has some historical precedence on the cap:
  20. The Chargers did a few things right here, the gold face mask is a huge win (can’t believe how good that looks) and though I’m used to them in navy, I do think switching to powder blue is ultimately the right move brand-wise. But for pete’s sake, how hard is it to match up the background of the bolt all the way? Still bugs the crap out of me that they insist on having some kind of solid stripe background behind the bolt on the white pants and road jersey sleeves. Leave the bolt on white, keep it consistent all across the board. They’d look so much better that way. I know the road version of this set didn’t do it, but this is how it’s done:
  21. To be honest, I’ve never been that big a fan of the Warriors’ uniforms. The full name on the jersey has always been a bit much, I don’t like the crest fill being a contrasting color than the jersey (rather than same color as the jersey and the bridge + roundel be the contrasting color instead) and the side panels have always bugged me. The best way I can describe that particular problem is that, to me, they really clutter things up when they already have a big blob of a crest on the front and I’d much rather the side panels not be there on the jersey at all in that case (don’t mind them on the shorts though; they’re not cluttering there). I vastly prefer something closer to the 1975 championship set or Run TMC. Either or is fine with me and much better than what they’ve got now in my opinion.
  22. Pants like that are pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. That’s great news.
  23. Definitely white, and I’d change the front number to white too. After that, it’d be perfect in my opinion.
  24. Baylor’s a little plain and safe, but that gold and green work well enough together that I’m not necessarily bored by it. I hope they bust out gold-green-gold a few times. And I have nothing good to say about Michigan State.