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  1. Sharks’ teal vs. Knights’ white is really, really nice. Stars/Predators, Leafs/Bruins, and Islanders/Penguins look great as well. As far as the Cup Final aesthetically, Stars/Islanders is one I’d love to see. Oilers/Stars looked fantastic when Edmonton was in royal blue, and I think the Islanders in similar colors will look just as great filling in on that one.
  2. I kind of want to see exactly how the dash/streak looks towards back of the jersey, but from what I can see, this looks pretty nice to me. The green turned out really well and appears to have good contrast with the black, which is something I was initially worried about. Sure it’s a presentation, but I imagine with how the green looks as presented that it will likely look even better in sunlight. And I’m surprised at how much I like the helmet logo, it isn’t at all what I expected them to do but I think it does a great job. I’ll probably have more to say when I see the revealed product, but I’m really liking what I’m seeing overall.
  3. I think I lean into the camp of liking this. It’s not perfect; as stated, it’s a very good example of the difference between mechanical and optical centering and has a bit of awkwardness to it in that regard, but I feel I’d much rather them take this route than get too cutesy or overboard with an aggressively modern jet or something. It’s a safe move, yes, but sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this stuff. They easily could’ve gone too far with something then gone back to something just like this in 5-7 years to make up for it anyways, so might as well cut the long mistake you’re stuck with out, right? Half joking, but my overall point is that this seems like the good kind of safe move to me logo-wise and I get it. There’s still uniforms to come, too. Who knows what we’re getting there, it could be anything. In terms of Nike changes, my best guess is that it may land somewhere near Vikings on the spectrum, but we could very well get Titans or Bucs area out of this too. We’ll just have to see how the whole package turns out.
  4. I vastly prefer purple, BUT if they insist on sticking with navy, then something needs to be done about the shade of green. It’s way too dark to work with navy and has always looked bad with it. It needs to be kelly or even teal-ish (remember the Salt Lake Buzz?) for better contrast.
  5. Thanks for the comments! I’ll definitely do some tweaks with the suggestions in mind, I’m very glad to get some feedback on it. I may not get a batch of updates up for a little bit but I will definitely get to them! Next team up today is Wales, and I also made a new personal logo and simplified presentation I’m using for other applications outside of here, so all the new stuff will be in that format just for unity’s sake across where else I share my work! Wales actually has a pretty nice crest right now, so I definitely didn’t tackle them because I thought what they had was bad in any way. I just got to thinking that the dragon is so iconic for Wales and such a great symbol that it made sense to me, if they were ever to change, to just go with the dragon on its own. It’s a cleaned up, modernized take on the flag’s dragon, and is accentuated with a light green old-style ball. Some of the tracing was a little tough (still an amateur and learning a lot day by day), but I came away pretty happy with it. Still of course would love some feedback on what you all think and how I could make it better!
  6. Slovenia is actually one I have thought of doing, so yes you’ll see me tackle them soon! Alright I’ve got another team today, Denmark! This was actually one of the first ones I’ve made, but I hadn’t posted it until now because I’m really not sure how I feel about it. It’s much more of an update to the current than a rebrand per se. I’ll post the original for reference too. Update: Original: 1) Just wanna know if this update works to modernize it, or if I took away too much character, and 2) I’m also hung up on the “D” in “BOLDSPIL” - I’ve tried to find reasons why that D would be small and tucked upwards, and thought it was a Danish character, but I’ve looked up the language and seen the team’s name spelled out normally and the d is not small or altered in anyway, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I kept it true to the original just in case, but can just as easily make it equal to the rest of the lettering if it’s not necessary or specific to the language. Anyone know for sure?
  7. Thank you guys very much for the comments and suggestions! They’re much appreciated, as always! The more I look at Uruguay with the suggestions in mind, the more I totally agree that the sun rays would work better wavy. I will definitely get on that and make the sun match the flag’s sun better! Also a thought I had on Finland - and this was kind of a random thought I had a few days ago, actually - do you all think working in the coat of arms into the crest, kind of like Finland’s state variant flag, might help it? Kind of like this: FWIW, Finland used the coat of arms on thier World Cup of Hockey and Sochi 2014 uniforms so there would be some precedence to it. Anyways, here’s another team, the Australian Socceroos! Kept the shape of the old crest “shield” patch thing, but made the kangaroo the focus instead of a part to the left because, well, “Socceroos”! With a nickname like that and such a unique national symbol, gotta own it. I also made it more of a full shield than a patch like the old one because I felt like there was just a lot of space left open around the interior content, which made the content of the crest look kinda small, and to be honest when watching Australia sometimes it didn’t look like they had much of a crest at all from a distance, so the goal was to give them something a bit more substantial. One thing I’m worried about is the foot, I made it pointed like that to give it a look of motion, as if the kangaroo is still bouncing away with the soccer ball, but at times it looks like one large talon or something. I wanted to see if you all thought that was a problem or if it’s okay. Thanks once again for viewing and reading, and for all of your help! This has been fun and I’m excited to keep churning out more and getting your feedback. I’m still making new stuff at least every other day, so this should keep going for a while!
  8. Thank you guys! I’m glad South Africa’s looking like it worked. I was hoping the execution was there! Today’s team is Uruguay! The current crest is okay, but kind of teetering on generic I think. Argentina has a sun on thier flag like Uruguay does, but they’re not using one on thier crest, so I’m having Uruguay beat them to it and own it for themselves. At the center of the sun is a vintage-style soccer ball, as an homage to Uruguay being the inaugural 1930 World Cup champions. Finally, though Uruguay does acknowledge thier championships with stars within the current badge, I’m used enough to championship stars above badges that I honestly completely missed that Uruguay acknowledged them until the knockout stage of last year’s World Cup. So I put the four stars* arched above the sun so no one would miss them like I did. *(Quick fact, though Uruguay has won two World Cups and not four, FIFA recognizes thier 1924 and 1928 Olympic Gold Medals as World Championships, so Uruguay has traditionally used four stars). Let it fly!
  9. Next team up is South Africa! The new shield retains the image of a Protea, the national flower, but I wanted to mix things up a bit too. South Africa has one of my favorite flag designs in the world and I’ve always been disappointed that the national team hasn’t incorporated inspiration from it more. This is my attempt to showcase all of those colors, and I tried to make a thicker border that could incorporate elements of the flag’s design as well. I’m wondering if it’s executed well enough or not, and would love some feedback on this one especially (but still feel free to comment on the others too if you’ve got anything). Thanks, all!
  10. No new teams today because I have some updates! I’ll have a new team up tomorrow instead. Korea updates - tried two different blues, royal and navy, and there’s two sets with a red outline and two with white-blue double outline. Also changed the soccer ball lines to white to help the blue of the taegeuk not get lost against the blue of the shield. Which do you guys prefer? And for Canada, here’s what it would look like if black were swapped out for brown: I’d love to hear your thoughts! A little tiny clue for tommorrow’s team just for fun; they’re a past World Cup host.
  11. Yep, as well as retiring only 14 homers and 57 hits shy of joining the 600 HR / 3,000 hit club. If I’m not mistaken, only Mays and Aaron were members of that club back then. Robinson was a very, very, very great player and an underrated great of the game indeed.
  12. Thanks for the comments! Love the suggestions and will work on those very soon. I won’t be able to get to my computer tonight but should have some time tomorrow to get those Korea and Canada (LOVE that brown-for-black idea!) suggestions addressed! I’m excited to bust them out! I still wanted to pop in for a quick minute and post the next team, Finland. It’s purposefully pretty simple, as Scandinavian design (which I love) tends to lean towards simplicity and I figured that would be a fitting direction. It’s similar in idea to thier current crest, but altered a bit and stripped down to some degree while made a bit bolder all the same. “Simple yet strong” is the aim. The shield is also rounded on the bottom on purpose; the other Scandinavian teams to use shields (that I know of), Norway and Sweden, use pointed bottoms and I wanted Finland to have a shield style of their own to differentiate. Maybe not that big a deal, but something I felt couldn’t hurt anyways! Current crest for reference: Oh and P.S: there will definitely be a couple of Latin American teams on the horizon, probably more as I go! I’m gathering more ideas day by day and trying to keep it all as spread across different regions as I can, so stay tuned!
  13. Very sad day for baseball. Truly one of the great figures of the game, in my opinion, between his greatness as a player and his trailblazing as a manager and executive as well. You can look up his very impressive statistics, but I think this specific group of awards (among many he had won) tells you everything you need to know about how great a player Frank Robinson truly was: - NL ROY (1956) - NL MVP (1961) - AL MVP (1966) - WS MVP (1966) - Triple Crown (1966) He also gave one of my all-time favorite sports “middle fingers” when the Reds traded him in 1965 because he was an “old 30”, then turns right around and has that ‘66 season in response. Not just sentiment speaking; that has truly always been one of my favorite baseball stories from the moment I learned it when first getting into baseball history. RIP, Frank.
  14. Thank you for the suggestion! Much appreciated! Actually earlier today I had been thinking up what it might look like in some different color schemes as just an alternate option or two, so I’ll play around with it and post a few different ones and see what you guys think! Next up is Canada, well in time for thier co-hosting in 2026! The shield shape is an inspired homage (not exact precise shape haha, but inspired) to the old Canadian Pacific shield: Went for a bit of a simple, clean, vintage-y kind of look, and included black and light cream to help differentiate from other red/white teams like Switzerland, Poland, Tunisia, etc.
  15. I’ve been in a big soccer mood lately and decided to try my hand at a series of of national team crests from around the world! I’ve been teaching myself illustrator over the last year and am finally getting to a point now where I’m really comfortable making logos with it, and am eager to keep learning as I go. This has been a fun challenge for me, both creatively and in execution of working illustrator. No kits as of yet, but I’d love to pair these crests with some kit concepts eventually down the road. So a brief intro to the content itself: it’s only been within the last year and a half that I’ve grown to become something of a good soccer/football fan. The World Cup got me really going, and since then I’ve watched more and more of it. Very recently I’ve been digging into the history of the game and, in particular, the history of the World Cup and the sport’s greatest players. That’s what’s had me interested in doing more design work for the sport altogether. With all that said, I’m still learning all the traditions of different teams and such aesthetically, so a lot of these concepts may be more fresh takes than others, but some will also be updates/modernizations of crests as I see fit, so I hope to showcase a little bit of everything here. Anyways, first crest up is South Korea! I grew to become a big fan of Korea’s switch-out to black from blue on thier crest and primary shorts, and decided to keep them going on that route. I really like their use of a Siberian Tiger, but the full-body one they use now can tend to look like a blob from even a short distance, so I chose to make a new larger head rendering for more boldness. And there’s a Taegeuk soccer ball, as a nod to the flag, to indicate “football association”, and to add a small dash of relevant color to the crest. I’d love to hear your thoughts and critique! I’d also love to know what kind of improvements I could make in terms of craft. The tiger head is probably the most detailed thing I’ve traced on illustrator so far, so I’d love to know how that’s working and what I could do to improve. Also, so far I have five total crests done, so I’ll probably post one a day or every other day to keep it rolling while I make more. Thanks for viewing and reading!
  16. I guess at this point now I’m just kinda numb to the Patriots more than anything. I mean yeah I still loathe them but honestly last night after it settled, instead of hatred I was just feeling and thinking, “eh, another one. Whatever.” At this point I’m more ready for the torch to be passed and new chapters more than anything, so I guess you could say I share the same sentiment of being bored in a way with this too. I wanted the Chiefs in the Super Bowl really bad this year because Mahomes looks like he’s going to be the next great one, and I want to see that guy throwing no look passes and lighting up the scoreboard in Super Bowls. It’s less of a Patriots-hatred thing now and more of a just being ready for some new blood in the AFC in particular to get thier shot on the big stage.
  17. I didn’t think the game was boring so much as it was weird; I really expected this to be a shootout and I’m shocked Brady didn’t throw a TD tonight with as well as he was connecting with Edelman and Gronk. I was also floored that Gurley was basically non-existent for the most part and I wasn’t sure what to think of that. I did expect Goff to have some jitters but I thought he’d eventually shake them off and find a groove; he never did, and frankly he sucked tonight. He missed more than a few guys that were wide open, made some pretty questionable reads, and that last interception was a nailed coffin as soon as it left his hands. I didn’t expect him to have a Brady-type game by any means, but I expected him to play a whole lot better. Both defenses were very solid tonight, and in a weird way, that’s a huge credit to both the Rams for holding the Patriots to only 13 (and no Brady pass TD’s) but also a credit to the Patriots’ offense for making the absolute most of the chances they were given against such a tough defense. The game was pretty well officiated and the Pats won it fair. They did thier job, and you can’t fault them for that. Sure I loathe them as much as the next guy, but still. They earned this one for sure.
  18. This one looks like it’s right where the Pats want it. If this stays close up to the end, Goff looks too lost right now to engineer a competent drive and the Brady-Edelman connection is working too good not to count out in crunch time. Maybe the Rams’ offense make the adjustments they need to and prove me wrong, and I hope they do, but I really think the Pats are in a better position right now than the score indicates.
  19. Thank you guys so much for the comments! Really appreciate them a lot! And I still need to learn After Effects, but that would indeed be a really fun first project to work with on there. Thanks for the idea, @raysox ! Got a few more brand applications done, didn’t quite get group tables done but I have a scorebug, sleeve patch, and sleeve patch application finished to show! Scorebug: Really wanted to go crazier with it, but I also feared that might get a bit too distracting, so I kept it a little simpler. There’s a small geometric design to the left of the bug, the score is separated by the black square, and there’s no gradients or textures to keep in line with the Suprematist solid color style. Kit colors are displayed in between the two gold lines near each team’s flag (and for yellow kit teams like Colombia, Brazil, etc, the kit color on the bug would be a brighter yellow for contrast). Sleeve patch and application: Not much to say here! Just tried to play around with a decorative border that would be fun up close but subtle in the distance, nothing too loud.
  20. I was indeed able to tell which team each one was, so you achieved it! Great work! Love the extra throwback ones too!
  21. Hey all! So this semester and last, I’ve had two different art history classes. Both have had (really fun) units on the Suprematist (NOT to be confused with supremacy!) art movement, founded by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich around 1913. For more on Suprematism and Malevich, check these out: (Suprematism) (Malevich on Wikipedia) The short of it is that Malevich’s most famous works ultilized basic geometry, with shapes placed in a particular harmony, space purposefully utilized, and color contrasted against a light background (usually white or an off-white of some kind). Here’s a few of Malevich works for visual aid: And perhaps his most famous one - Black Square: I found Malevich’s work very fascinating and, with 2018 having been roughly a century since Malevich’s prime and with him being one of the foremost Russian artists, I was inspired to try my hand at a World Cup logo, in turn inspired by the Malevich style. As simple as it may look, it actually turned out to be quite the challenge trying to get the shape of the trophy down while trying to still adhere to the Malevich style. I’d love to hear your thoughts on if it really works or not, or how I could get it to work better. The color is deliberate, with blue and red as an homage to the Russian flag (and in particular, the stripes serving as the “base” are blue top red bottom with some white space visible above as a purposeful nod to the flag’s composition), gold for the trophy, and black for Malevich’s tendency to use it for large blocks of contrast. As for the wordmark, I chose blue for contrast with thin bars of red and gold, and yes, the black square atop the “I” is indeed a deliberate reference to Black Square! I plan tomorrow on finishing up some other graphics (scorebug, group tables, sleeve patch application, etc) within the brand identity as well. Let me know what you think! Thanks for viewing and reading!
  22. I’m really a fan of this! I do like thier current crest, but I also agree that the lion on its own works even better. That would stand out tremendously amongst MLS crests. Great choice there. At first I was thinking the away uniform needed just a bit more orange somewhere, but the more I look at it, the more that little splash of it coming from the crest just seems to work best for me in contrast to everything else. I think as it is works just fine. Really nice set all around! Great work!
  23. Most of my notable logo misconceptions that come to mind came from being a little kid when I saw them and not fully understanding what they were or represented, and my 5-7 year old brain trying to figure out how they related to team names and such. So it wasn’t always a misconception about what was in the logo so much as it was what it meant that I messed up. Again, bear in mind this is the mind of a very young kid in the late 90’s! - Seeing the Pistons’ horse head, I thought “Pistons” were mythological creatures which were horses with flaming manes. Didn’t know anything about the car part until I was like, 8 or so. - I didn’t know a clipper was a ship, so I thought the Clippers were named after the tool and the logo (simple basketball with team name) played into that because I “rationalized” it must’ve been too hard to make a good logo out of a pair of clippers. I even remember as a kid drawing a “new” logo for them that was a pair of clippers with teeth in front of a basketball. - Thought the Blazers’ logo was some weird, obscure, abstract representation of fire because I wasn’t familiar with “trail blazing”. Fire was the only connotation I had with the word “blaze” then. And one that wasn’t a “mascot” misconception due to the logo but was a misconception nonetheless: - Thought the Raiders’ pirate was elderly and had a white moustache because of the lines from his nose to his mouth. I dunno, kinda looked like a moustache outline to me back then.
  24. Your latest updates are stunning, all across the board. Bravo!
  25. I’d be fine with any of those options, honestly. I really like where this is headed and it looks like they just might get it right after all.