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  1. I really love this series! We don’t see that many HS projects here and I am enjoying every single concept! You are doing a fantastic job - keep it up.
  2. This is like a 11 year old trying to be “edgy”. Disastrously appalling.
  3. Name - Bruno Richard Green, age 36 Bio - Born January 5, 1927, Bruno R. Green was the 3rd child in an 8 child family. Bruno Green excelled in athletics and in the classroom in high school, becoming one of the top markball players in the state. He also led his high school to two straight championships in basketball. After going to Michigan State to play markball, he returned to Evansville to coach and teach history. He is currently looking to help expand the national reach of the game. Top cities - 1. Cincinnati - The fan support for their CML team is great, and hopefully more fans will come on board with a new major league team. 2. San Francisco - Well put together bid. Very very impressed by the stadium quality and the fan interest. 3. Miami - Where to next than the Sunshine State? Miami would be perfectly ideal for a markball city. Alginment - Put Cincinnati in the East and San Francisco in the West.
  4. Good concepts so far, really like the incorporation of the flag of Qatar on the 2nd uniform. Looking forward for the rest of the concepts.
  5. Hallelujah! Finally, the NFL makes a good decision!
  6. Saints fans are gonna be cursing this one for eternity.
  7. Absolutely adore that look. The SD logo does look a little jumbled, but you did a good job changing the C to a D. Overall, a great set, you can’t change the Reds up too much, but you did a good job converting the hypothetical move to Cincinnati to San Diego.
  8. Indianapolis Colts #12 Washington Huskies (football) #90 Chicago Cubs #17 Ball State Cardinals (men’s basketball) #3 Indiana Hoosiers (men’s basketball) #12 Indiana Pacers #31 (Flo-Jo uniforms)
  9. The basketball uniforms are so much better than the set that we currently use right now. All around everything is a step up from what BSU currently uses right now. Phenomenal job!
  10. Indianapolis Colts - Super Bowl Championships Chicago Cubs - World Series Championships Calgary Flames - Stanley Cup Championships Indiana Hoosiers - NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships Man City - Premier League Championships I would also like to get my high school state championships up but I can’t get the logos uploaded for some reason. Thanks in advance
  11. Welp, there goes the Chargers chances of being a “shocker”.
  12. Let’s just be glad that they don’t have silver striping on the pants anymore.
  13. I am requesting an update on my signature please - New Castle Trojans - 2018 IHSAA Class 3A Girls Volleyball State Champions Los Angeles Rams - 2018 NFC West Divison Champions (in the classic gold/blue color scheme please Indiana Pacers - ABA Championships + 2000 Eastern Conference Championship If you could also, please remove the Fernando Alonso World Championships.
  14. IndianapolisCubs2009’s playoff predictions - Wild Card Weekend - Colts defeat Texans, 31-28 (OT) Ravens defeat Chargers, 27-19 Cowboys defeat Seahawks, 24-10 Bears defeat Eagles, 27-7 Divisonal Round Chiefs defeat Colts, 35-14 Patriots defeat Ravens, 23-13 Bears defeat Rams, 28-20 Rams defeat Cowboys, 30-14 Conference Championships Chiefs defeat Patriots, 33-27 Rams defeat Bears, 23-20 SUPER BOWL LIII Rams defeat Chiefs, 44-40
  15. Too much blue in this years playoffs. I won’t be surprised if we have an all-blue playoffs.