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  1. It looks great...though I have a feeling that they will put the NFL shield at the 50 due to the Rams sharing SoFi with the Chargers.
  2. Maybe the Dominican Republic? The concepts have been really good so far, looking forward to the rest of the teams.
  3. The Mavericks looks like the Colts logo that they were gonna use in 2002 before that was nixed. Very nice idea and almost every logo executed great.
  4. I absolutely love it! It looks very fresh, clean, and professional! The leaf part below the word mark on the jerseys I think could be taken off, but besides that fantastic concept all around!
  5. I love those Colts throwbacks! I especially find the Dayton Triangles one unique.
  6. The St. Louis Blues almost moved in 1982 to Saskatoon, a small town (250,000 population) in Canada before that moved got blocked by the NHL. Imagine that - the Saskatoon Blues playing in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals.
  7. That Mariners TATC identity is absolutely stunning and perfect. Overall this series has been very fun to look at as you have given us some very unique concepts. Can’t wait for the next batch of phenomal concepts!
  8. I like what your heading for. However, I think the execution is not good. I feel like you can refine it to make it better. But good start!
  9. As a fellow Hoosier with a huge love for basketball I enjoy this concept. Especially with the references to various high schools.
  10. Nice change of pace of what we usually see on the boards. I hope we see more retro-based bracket designs in the future. You did a phenomenal job!
  11. Whenever I look at concepts on the board, I feel like people utilize the “Miami Vice” style of colors too much whenever they do the Dolphins or the Marlins or whatever team. I mean, I like it, don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful set of colors but it’s been used and used so many times that it’s kinda gotten boring.
  12. Way better than the one last year. I absolutely adore the rainbow on the outside of the diamond and hope they do something similar for the rest of the postseason logos.
  13. I personally don’t like the current logo that the WWE has chosen for next years WrestleMania, most likely due to them basically ripping of the Bucs logo and shoving the WWE logo on it. This is a classy logo, and I like the implementation of the orange in the letters.
  14. When you do the Colts, I suggest you try to recreate the 1921 Muncie Flyers uniforms. They played in the NFL for 2 seasons, playing 3 games and was Indiana’s first NFL franchise and only for 60 years before the Colts moved in.
  15. I really love this series! We don’t see that many HS projects here and I am enjoying every single concept! You are doing a fantastic job - keep it up.
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