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Jacksonville Jaguars


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Here's a Jaguars concept I've been working on. I was brought to this site after doing a Jaguars concept and wanted to give it another shot.

This one is a mix of new and old. I wanted them to own the color teal in a different way. I used the original leaping Jaguar logo that they weren't allowed to use because of similarities with the car company's rendition of their Jaguar. I just like the way it looks on a helmet. The gold in the logo is meant to be a chrome finish to help the logo pop on this teal satin helmet in the Florida sun. :) The numbers are from the Fred Taylor era uniforms that I love for Jacksonville. I also tried to limit the use of white on the home set. Obviously the road uniform needs to be white, but I liked the idea of strictly a black/teal/gold color scheme. I've sublimated jaguar print on the shoulders that may be a little hard to see, which was intentional. I didn't want to make it too busy, so I tried keeping the rest of the design pretty simple. I played around with shoulder/sleeve stripes but ultimately decided against it.



I thought about making this a series but decided I'd be way too slow to finish each team and didn't want anyone growing impatient with me. I'll probably slowly post some more teams as I have time to work on them though.

As always, C&C is appreciated. Let me know what you think!

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Looks great, it would be cool to see more jersey color combos

Thanks! I'll work on some other combinations today. I'm thinking of adding two new pant options (black and white) and a teal alternate jersey. That will get it to 9 possible combinations.

Be on the lookout for monochrome teal. :D

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Man,this stuff is good.

May I say that the Jags logo that you have in the concept was unused becaused Jaguar,the car company,wanted to sue the Jags because the logo was like the car company's logo.

Yeah it's a shame because I think it's a great logo for the uniform. It may not look so great in other applications though. For the only alternate version of it that I've seen, they basically just use the top half of it. It looks a bit odd to me but the original version is simply too long. They would have to considerably shrink it down to fit in any particular space, beyond that of more shapely logos.

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The pants with just the black and teal stripes look too Panthers.

You do realize thats because they have similar colors, which he can't change, and not to mention is that they don't have the same exact colors.

The helmet color is still different as well as the stripes and the accent colors.

You are just piecing together in your head "the panthers wear all black unis with silver helmets, that must mean that since this is all black with a teal helmet, it must be the same thing"

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