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2018 FIFA World Cup Kits


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Quite a few teams already qualified and more will  qualify in the coming international break, so it's time.There's been a steady trickle of leaks for months, but now the leaks are really starting to be flooding in





Official Ball


Referee kits (available in blue, black, red, yellow and green)




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So the latest leaks were Italy and Cote D'ivoire, and it seems like Puma is really pushing the futuristic angle this year. Don't know what that pattern means for Italy, but it's supposed to look like a robotic full front view of an elephant for Cote D'ivoire (which the collar will likely be the Ivory coast flag instead of the more common african colors). I'm not a huge fan of the Italy kits, I don't mind the navy and the flag details on the cuffs but the pattern is so random and the collar looks bad. Worse of all the back is a mess. Also worth noting that Italy changed their crest, finally the four stars are outside of it, and while it's an upgrade IMO it's slightly too vertical and I'd have preferred a more classical flatter shape on top to better conform with the historical ones




and it will be paired with blue shorts and socks



Switzerland shorts and Socks



Meanwhile it looks like adidas' theme this year is 90's designd recreated with tonal pinstripes

Mexico got leaked a while ago


Germany will recreate their famous 1990 World cup winning kit with tonal black pinstripes, while the away will have the same tealish green color of the Woman's Euro

Spain will instead recreate the 1994 World cup diamonds, I'm assuming also in the tonal pinstripe pattern. Away will be light blue with red details


Colombia's away will be orange and blue

Belgium will be inspired by the argyle chest band of the 1986 World Cup, I'm assuming this will also be recreated in tonal pinstripes. Away is yellow

And the adidas GK template



Nike at least seems they've decided to give a damn and not hand out templates to everyone. 

@Conrad. gave  us a rough estimate of what to expect for the U.S. of A., and they certainly look like an improvement



England will have a tonal St. George's cross in the same exploding stipes style, red away. Also good that it seems like they will wear blue shorts which means FIFA gave up the stupid monochrome policy (not that anyone told Puma)

It looks like Nike will bring back the Mariniere inspiration for France

Portugal looks  intriguing, very interested to see how Nike will pull this off





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15 hours ago, anythinglogos said:


Portugal looks  intriguing, very interested to see how Nike will pull this off




I really like what I see here.  The colors and pattern are awesome.  And big enough to see unlike they "exploding stripes" for the US and England.


I can't stop thinking about the Cat in the Hat when I see those "exploding stripes"


dr seuss.jpg

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The same guy who leaked Italy’s kit mocked up a few of the adidas ones. It seems fair to say that the early 90’s are back.




not bad, kind of mixes the Italia90 kit with their traditional colors. Still, the original with flag colors can’t be beaten





Almost a straight throwback to the gold medal winning 1988 Olympics kit


And pending qualification...




Another Italia90 tribute


Edit: and with a real? Pic



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