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AHL/ECHL/Minor/Junior League Hockey Changes


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ECHL Growlers Throw Back to Leafs Past

September 5, 2019 - 18:47 PM

The ECHL’s Newfoundland Growlers, 2019 expansion team/Kelly Cup Champions and affiliate of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, announced this morning that they would wear uniforms throwing back to their hometown’s long association with their NHL parent. Going all the way […]


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Not a logo change, but it appears to be the end of an era in Chicago, if I'm reading it correctly and the Wolves are no longer producing over-the-air telecasts. Streaming subscription only. 


It's not like they'd have to send a TV crew far: Rosemont, Rockford, and Milwaukee all play one-third of their schedules against each other. The AHL is not a very well-planned league.

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Oak View Group has filed three more trademark applications with the USPTO that are related to their planned Palm Springs-based American Hockey League affiliate for NHL Seattle. The list of six proposed team identities now includes (new filings in bold print):

Palm Springs Dragons (filed 8/15/19)
Palm Springs Falcons (filed 8/15/19)
Palm Springs Sun (filed 8/15/19) 
Palm Springs Eagles (filed 8/14/19)
Palm Springs Hawks (filed 8/14/19)
Palm Springs Firebirds (filed 8/9/19)

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9 hours ago, the admiral said:





I NEED THIS SHIRT. It's like when Chinese people want to wear English because it looks cool but the shirts just say, like, "Brooklyn Nonstop Orange Juice Intramurals." Now with algorithms we do it to ourselves. 

This shirt made my day

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12 hours ago, M4One said:


Did last year's jersey still have the phantom yoke and the trim to nowhere, or is the removal of them also new to this year's jersey?


The removal is new this year. Also the armpit colours are gone, so the template switch has been a big improvement for the Hitmen. 


We’ll see if the bad number font stuck around though.

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7 minutes ago, M4One said:

Really, really horrible new road jerseys for the Estevan Bruins of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.  White breezers should never, ever be used.


[pic snipped for space] [just look in the post above]


I was just coming here to talk about this. The NOB and numbers are yellow on white and as someone who used to do colour in this league, I don't know how legible it would be from a distance.




Also the weird SP brand jersey cut where the stripes don't go all the jersey (and socks) doesn't help either.

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In other Jr. A news, the Calgary Canucks unveiled their home jerseys during their first game of the season. It looks like they cut the sleeves off the white jersey and stitched them to the blue jersey.


They didn't wear their new jerseys during the preseason and it turns out it was because the jerseys showed up just hours before this game. Their Twitter account posted a picture of the boxes when they arrived at the arena at 1:27 pm with puck drop being at 7 pm that night.


The Canmore Eagles first game isn't until Wednesday and they also wore their (now) old jerseys in the preseason, so I guess we won't see anything until closer to then if not until the game starts.


Also the Yorkton Terriers unveiled their new home jersey and it's not great.




There's no decent picture of the back of the jersey, but the NOB is an orange namebar with black font.

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