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New Cox Communications logo


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I was going through the site this morning to pay the Cox bill and noticed they changed their logo. 


You can see the new logo here at cox.com










I don’t like it, while the old one wasn’t any better. This seems to be just a text rainbow. Downgrade 








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On ‎11‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 10:30 AM, pianoknight said:

Their older logo was better as the three stripes were RGB, which is basically the cornerstone of all modern TV and digital pixel displays. 




Cut that off at the edge of the 'X' and you've got a gorgeous logo. Like so.



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9 hours ago, KRZYBDGRZ said:

That does look sharp, does the C bother anyone else though, it looks cut off.


3 hours ago, Kaz said:

It almost looks like they reused the O and just cut part of it off.  With a better C I think @Zeus89725's concept is the way to go. 


That is just how the C looks using one of the bold variants of Futura.

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They missed a great opportunity to call back to the R/G/B logo here - should've made the gradient R/G/B as an intentional callback to that logo (and to its inspiration, digital pixel displays). But I'm sure they want to implement a green/blue color scheme, which that logo would undermine.


While gradients are generally a bit dated, this logo does a good job of looking contemporary, since it's a very flat, bold logo, and the gradient really only exists in the very center of the logo (rather than the whole thing being a gradient). It's a lot more modern looking than the dated chrome mess they had previously, though I think a single-color flat version of the old logo @Zeus89725 posted would've been a great evolution.

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