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May webdav challenge


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OK, this is going to be a new thing for me on a monthly basis. Every month I will pick a city/sport combination, and the challenge will be to the forum members (as individuals or teams) to come up with the best team name/logo for that city/sport.

I will host the logos on my website, so that they can be posted as inline graphics in the forum. So contestants can email me their concepts, and I will post them.

Entries should be sent as a final logo (preferred as an Illustrator file, so that I can resize them all to the same size, other formats are accepted) with name. This means take your time and make it great. A great concept is only great if the execution is great!

This is a naming/logo contest. Not a uniform contest. After a winner is chosen, perhaps people can then take a hack at uniforms for the winner. But don't send me uniform concepts!

At the end of this month, I will post all of the concepts in a new thread. I will not include the artists name so that the contest is anonymous and based on quality. Members are encouraged to keep their designs anonymous until after the winner is chosen. Each member of the forum will be encouraged to email or message me with their vote. (If we had polls, I would set up a poll.) Each member will get one vote.

We are always suggesting that names suck and logos suck, so here is your chance to show this forum can do better! This month's city and team name are:


So come up with an appropriate nickname for Portland Baseball. The winner is given the respect of all on the forum!

P.S. I reserve the right to change the rules/setup at any time for any reason!

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This nickname has been used countless times by various soccer teams in Portland, but I always like this name for a baseball team in Portland:

Portland Timbers

I'm such a novice at Illustrator that I'm not going to even attempt a logo right now, but I'll provide some colors:




What 'cha think? Anyone want to try a logo?

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The first entry is here...

for a team called the Portland Pilots...


Portland Pilots Concept Logo

I know of the Seattle Pilots, and how they used to play ball up in the Northwest, but now that Seattle's got a new team, and seeing as this refers to the airborne type of Pilot, you have that.

The colours are the ones Pantone suggested, so if he wants part credit, he's more than welcome to it.

Hope you like it. Comments, questions, criticisms, and suggestions are all desired.

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Not to turn this into a suggestion box for the very first entry, but it would be cool if that plane morphed into a bat somehow..maybe put a knob on the end?

Yeah do that.  Do exactly THAT

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Remember this contest is for the whole month, so take your time to work on making your logo "perfect."

And then email it to me. PM me if you don't have my email addy.

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That is a very clean,professional logo, very nice.

I think both you and GMS have improved your skills unbelieveably since i've started frequenting these boards last november.  It is great to see.nI have also been impressed with some of the new post'ers' on fanhome.

To the logo: I do like the P, but i think you should enlargen it so you can see the whole bottom of the 'p loop'  and maybe take out the floating stripe.

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IMHO, your plane is pretty good, but the suggestion that maybe it be a bat is a good idea.

Also, the P bothers me for some reason, and it may just be the fact that the composition of the P and the plane is not right. Some adjustments in their sizes/positions might help. I'd also make the P outline a bit more bold.

Consider also that on a hat, the plane might be hard to recognize. Perhaps the plane would be a secondary logo, and on the hat you could put some flight goggles and helmet on the P.

Also, what is the connection to Pilots for Portland? I can see it in Seattle (the Boeing plant), Chicago, Atlanta, Denver (all air hubs.) Maybe my knowledge of Portland needs a brushing up!

Anyway, please take this as constructive criticism in hopes that your final submission for the contest is "perfect."

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Ah, the MLB in Portland!  It's getting closer, I can feel it!

Being a Portlander (roughly) and a lifelong baseball fan, I do have a couple suggestions.  Unfortunately, my logo designing skills are greatly lacking...

I love SyPhi's logo!  That is great!  Like smzimbabwe said, it might be better suited for the U of Portland, but there's a bit of a problem.  You see, the Pilots the school is referring to is a ship's pilot.  This is their current logo:


I like Pantone's colors for the Timbers, and IowaFan's colors for the Storm.  But again, there's another problem I have -- Portland gets a lot less rain than several current MLB cities!  Still a cool name, though...

Anyhow, for my name suggestions:

1 -- Portland Beavers

(Yes, it's already being used by the PCL team, but I think it would be a great nod to the PCL days of yore, and it would tie in with the two other MLB teams who use their old PCL name.)

2 -- Portland Pachyderms

(The city of Portland has had a love affair with the elephants at their zoo, and even celebrates birthdays for "Packy.")

3 -- Portland Thorns

(It's the "Rose City" and roses have thorns.  'Nuff said.  Incidentallty, I've already created some fantasy jerseys for a Portland Thorns lacrosse team...)

And finally, my minor-league goofball suggestion, which I actually enterred in the name-the-team contest for our one-year IPFL franchise:

Oregon Thundereggs

(The Thunderegg is the state rock of Oregon.)

There ya go...  Have fun!


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SyPhi, i think the plane idea is great, but lately in your designs i have seen many non-traditional looking letters used in the logos (rockets, astros, lightning, and pilots), most of the time this isnt bad and you make it work. Ex: Wildfire. but here i think a more traditional P would be the better choice, just my opinion, hopefully you understand what i mean :D
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Yep, I get it. I dunno what it is, just a break from the status quo arial black I guess (goodness knows there's enough of that). I realize it may not work, but the thinking was that I wanted the plane, not the "P" to be the focus of the logo. Traditional P's would not (for the most part) allow me the flexibility to incorporate them with the plane at the center of the logo. Either they become so small that the plane obscures them too much, or they become so large that they dwarf the plane.

Anyway, thanks for the input, and who knows, maybe I'll revisit the logo and try a few different looks.

As it is, I don't have much competition in the WebDav Challenge, so I may not be forced to doing anything.

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2 -- Portland Pachyderms

(The city of Portland has had a love affair with the elephants at their zoo, and even celebrates birthdays for "Packy.")

Yeah, but they don't seem to like Republicans there. :) (Symbolized by the elephant!)

Seriously though, the A's would probably take issue with an elephant logo.

As far as the competition goes, we still have a couple of weeks before I'll be encouraging members to send in their entries. Work hard on your ideas!

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