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It's been a while since I last posted a new concept, but when you're having an ice storm, you have extra time on your hands.

This is just a little something I came up with a couple of weeks ago. While not my favorite that I haven't shared yet, my wife fell in love with it.

I was going to let you guys C&C it, please. I haven't had time to do any kind of uniforms, but this is the logo and wordmark...


Please let me know what ya think, particularly the wordmark, as that is an area of weakness I've been working on. Thanks!

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As I mentioned on the other post--I love how you combined the G and the picture--nice work...

As for the wordmark--not sure why-but it looks more like it curves away from you than curves up--If you added the shadow elewhere this would change--or if you dropped it--but then maybe that's what you wanted--it does suggest a closed in place for a gunfight...

It may need to be a bit smaller on the helmets---but overall I'm sold on this one--very nice...

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Very nice. I too think it should be a litttle smaller on helmet.

As a general rule I do not like using nickname letters as a primary logo. I prefer using city name or region letters IE "M"innesota "A"rizona etc etc... as letters to be used in logo. For same reasons I do not like Bengals B logo. Should be a C. I guess for secondary logos nickname letter is OK.

I did like USFL Gamblers though, as they put a texas shape in opening inside G so as to somewhat use Texas in logo even though they where Houston Gamblers. I guess Gamblers just did not use what I liked however I liked it due to the logo cleverness.

Both these teams should be the Galveston or Georgia Gunslingers/Gamblers then all is well.

Wichita Wranglers of minjor league baseball?? Had a cool logo. Can't find link. Found it wichitawranglers.com Not as cool as I remember. New Wrangler logo is much better and I like it.

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The helmet logo, being a stylized G, doesn't work being mirrored.

no one complains about the falcons mirrored F, do they? :)

The Falcons 'F' to me is so subtle that you almost have to be told by someone that its there. The backward 'G' is almost a distraction in its current form.

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