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Name That Font!


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That's the team logo. It's a custom design.

Is the font custom too?


Kruella by T-26 shares many characteristics with the D-backs letters, IIRC.

thanks! I knew it wasn't a total custom font, i just couldn't remember where i had seen it before. that's it.

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custom. it's a nike proprietary font called victory - so keen on keeping it from getting out they don't even give it to club teams to use in their materials. I worked with the Oregon hockey team and requested the font and was told by the athletics department that they wouldn't give it out for club sports. Closest commercial font you'll find is handel gothic.

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A friend's daughter is named Victoria, and wants to create something in her room with this (not the "Gift Bag" part):


Any idea? Thanks.

that looks like Times New Roman to me.

Look like Trajan. If it ain't Trajan, then it's mighty close.

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