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Which MLB Stadium Do You Like The Best?


Which stadium is your favorite?  

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I know this question of what your favorite MLB Stadium is was asked not too long ago, but i decided to make a poll that has all 30 choices. So this may be a pointless thread, but i dont think it is. I wanted to see the answer we get in the poll when there is all 30 choices.

And to make sure this isnt a pointless thread, i would love to know: Which stadium is your least favorite??

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Favorite: Camden Yards, not a homer pick. The scoreboard, flag court, warehouse is just amazing. The park itself, interior and exterior, is gorgeous. And it was after all the template for all of the ballparks after it.

Least favorite: I know it is gone, but The Vet. I was there in 2001, and there was no atmosphere at all. The place was all concrete, turf looked terrible, and there were freaking rats living in it! Good riddance, I say...

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Like Break-Wood, I've been to 3, 2 of which are active.

My choices are limited, but out of all the currently active stadiums I have been to a game at...

Fav: Rogers Centre

Least: Dolphins Stadium

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I've now been to six major league ballparks: the Astrodome in Houston, Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Shea Stadium in Flushing, Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, Veterans Stadium, and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The Astrodome and the Vet were pretty crappy. Shea Stadium was pretty dirty, but the view was not too bad. I loved Citizens Bank Park and Yankee Stadium because the atmosphere was outstanding and the view was gorgeous no matter where you sat.

However, even though I've never been to PNC Park, I voted for that stadium because I believe it is one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country. My brother has been there before and he thought the ballpark was incredible and had a breath-taking view. I would love to visit this ballpark someday.

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I haven't been to any ballpark other than Pro Player. But from I've seen on TV:

Top 5:

PNC Park (favorite)

Comerica Park

Coors Field

Fenway Park

Safeco Field

Bottom 5:

Tropicana Field (worst)


Dolphins Stadium

Roger Centre

Great American Ballpark

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Lots of people knock it but my fav was Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Dammit I miss those hot dogs.

I've never been to these, so I'm just judging on overall interier looks

Best: Minute Maid Park

Worst: Tropicana Field (Humbert H. Humphrey Metrodome comes a very close second)

It's an Orange Juice theme!

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most favorite: Shea Stadium

least favorite: RFK Stadium

the condition of Shea may be less than desirable, but the wide open outfield makes it a beautiful place to watch a game. and it ROCKS when full (not too much recently, unless Pedros pitching). Then again I'm horribly biased, but I have been to 10 MLB parks to compare.

RFK is in such bad shape, it'll be a blessing when they build the new one, regardless of the financing situation.

Worst park I've been to: Kingdome, it was ugly and literally dangerous, the carpet in RF had a giant bump in it, I kept feeling Buehner was going to kill himself going for a ball.

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Favorite is definatly Wrigley. Fenway is a close second with Minute Maid third. Comerica is fourth...

Least, by far, is the Metrodome. Not even close. I've been to other "multi-use" stadiums (Busch, Oakland Coliseum), and the 'dome is a dump compared to those places.


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