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Whch teams are due for a uni change?


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It strikes me that a few teams are just about due some kind of uni change- here is my run down

Carolina Panthers: There current unis look very 1990s ish to me. A subtle update please.

San Diego Chargers: Time for those powder blues to be updated and brought back.

Memphis Grizzlies: Its happening anyway but what they have now look how can I put this... underdesigned.

New England Patriots: They have only recently had a change, but they need something classic, something thats gonna last, so I say go back to red (perhaps a darker red) re do the logo  and be done with it!

Houston Astros: Again they had a fairly recent change, but seemed to miss a trick to me! Fair enough they don't want those stripey things back, but in the so-so world of mlb uniform design they should try something a bit more creative.

Dallas Stars: Nothing against the Star design on the uni, but it looks to gimmicky! We know they arent the north stars so something a bit more classic may well work here!


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edmonton- looks to much like chicago's and chicago has used that design for much longer, they should use the edmonton blue, copper, and silver

anaheim- nuff said

carolina- the only good thing about this jersey is the logo and number font, they took hartfords beautiful colorscheme, and made it into what it seems so many teams use and seemingly most college teams use- red

florida- nice jersey, but just getting boring, this team could definitely use an aggresive, modern jersey

tampa bay- in my opinion one of the best color schemes out there, black, blue, silver... do something with it

washington- like tampa bay a great color scheme of black blue and gold, they need to pick a jersey design or a new jersey design with those colors and stay with it

columbus- no effort was put into this jersey or logo

atlanta- pick a different color scheme, i just dont like it with the the name thrashers, nice jersey design though

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I'll limit my comments to NFL uniforms

I think the Carolina Panther uniform is fine with the exception of the striping on the helmet.  I've never understood it and have always found it distracting.

Although I'd like to see the Chargers return to powder blue, I don't think it's going to happen.  I think they like trotting the retro uniforms out once or twice a year to satisfy those fans who prefer them, but I think the team wants to focus on the present and future rather than reach back into the past.  Besides, the Chargers' greatest success (post-merger) was achieved while wearing their present setup.

Ditto the above comments (for the most part) for the Patriots.  I'm a fan of Pat Patriot but when you look at the N.E. post-merger performance, they've got a SB win and an additional SB appearance with Elvis the Patriot and no SB wins and one lopsided SB loss with Pat.

I'm firmly on record as having strong issues with the Detroit makeover.  I really think less is more with that team and if they would have darkened their main blue color, gotten rid of the white helmet stripe and minimized white elsewhere on the trim they could have had a sharp uniform.

The only other team out there that could use some work  is my hometown Rams.  I'd like to see a return to block numbers and for them to return to the same format for the home uniforms that they used up until 1999 - use the new colors but the old format, that is.

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I'll limit mine to NFL as well, because most every other uniform in baseball and basketball will probably be changed in a year or two. (An exaggeration, but you get the point.)

THE BUFFALO BILLS. Sweet, screaming Jehosephat, someone save them. Those are by far the ugliest uniforms on the field. And their logo could stand some updating. I dare the Bills, or any team from Buffalo for that matter, to use something other than a BUFFALO in their logo. Is your mascot the city or the name you chose for yourself?

The Kansas City Chiefs. Granted, not much you can do with that flaming red and yellow, but they could "modernize" it a bit. Make it more of a mid-range crimson, and make the yellow more of a "yellow gold" color. The logo is classic, though.

The Arizona Cardinals. I've seen kids league teams with more interesting uniforms. And what did they do to "improve" it this year? They removed the striping from the sleeves to make it even MORE boring. I could buy a $15 white jersey from Champs and have red numbers screen printed on it for less than I could buy a jersey and there would be very little difference. Are the owners deliberately making this team as drab as possible?

The Oakland Raiders. I know, I know, this is verging on sacred ground, especially with fickle fans. BUT I think something really nice could be done with them. They're uniforms are just as boring at the Cardinals, but with less color if that were possible.

The Indianapolis Colts. Just doesn't do it for me. Maybe some mid-range color, like silver or a light blue or something.

And as much as I've heard in distaste for the Lions new uniforms, I actually like them a lot. It was a much needed change from what they had previously.

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Here's my longwinded stance on the various leagues.


I'm of the opinion that the Arizona Cardinals are in need of a new identity, along with the Giants, San Diego, Minnesota and Kansas City.

I could stand to see the Raiders bring their stuff into the 21st century, ala the Dolphins a couple years back. I don't think that it is imperitive to their brand, but I think it would be nice.

I think that Dallas needs to "tighten up" their uniforms, although a total overhaul is not nescesary. Maybe take the navy and silver from their dark jersey and make a white version of it... they definitely need to get rid of the black and pick a silver.


I'd love to see a revised Bulls image, as well as the Heat, Clippers, and Pacers. The Knicks could use a little love too.


While there are a lot of teams that need total overhauls, IMO, but traditionalists would have my head.

However, I'd love to see the Yanks phase out that stupid top hat logo and the red associated with it, and stick with only navy blue and the NY monogram. There'd be no change in the uniforms, and would improve the quality of the brand IMO.

KC, Minnesota, Tampa, the Mets, LA and the Padres could all use improvements, modifications, or overhauls in my book.


I'd kill to see the Isles use a new lighthouse logo, but with no teal or fisherman this time, I'd love to see Buffalo use their crossed swords logo that the use for their thirds, recolor it to navy and yellow, and make it their primary mark. Tampa's logo has always sucked and been in need of some creativity, and I'd like to see the Red Wings pull and NYR and introduce a cool, modern third jersey that enhances their brand while not destroying tradition.

I'd like to see Calgary take a cue from their minor league team and use a dragon. Edmonton needs to drop the red from their scheme, burn their current thirds in a cermemonial bonfire, lock McFarlane in a room and bring their identity into the present, not 2303.

Anaheim could use new a new logo.... and colors.... and name..... and hell, new ownership. Maybe even a city that supports them more than just in the playoffs. Dallas has cool colors, but their logo lacks creativity. Maybe something with a sherrif's star? And finally, San Jose needs a new logo. They're the only team that pulls off teal, but that logo has always been dorky.

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Carolina Panthers - The helemt Stripes need to go, and all the crazy stroke patterns. THink about making the home jerseys Electric Blue too, it looks alot sharper than just black.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Get some stripes on that helmet and put the logo of the jaguar head and the swiping paw on there.

Detroit Lions - Boy did they get it wrong. Let's modify our jersey by making it even more cluttered with the useless black color. With a team like Detroit, less is more.

Buffalo Bills - Just change it.. anything is better, go Retro, go completely different, i don't care, just stop wearing those things....

Now i was going to say Seattle Seahawks, but it seems they have gotten their uniform combos right. Dark Jersey/White Pants, White Jersey/Dark Pants. and it looks GOOD! I never thought i'd say that about the new 'Hawks duds...




Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Get rid of "Mighty", get rid of anything disney (much like the Angels did when they were up for sale, which the Ducks are right now) and let's see what happens.

Tampa Bay Lightning - This teams uniforms could be so great if just a few little touchups. When it came out it just didn't look right. It looked good but there was something about it that was just off. THey fix that, they can have a classic.

Washington Capitals - Now the Dome logo is a big improvement, but.. i think that color scheme has got to go. For a team to be in the nations capital and not have a Red/White/Blue color scheme or some variation of that is close to sacralige. Get a r/w/b color scheme, and that Dome logo, and i think you got a winner

Toronto Maple Leafs - Their Jerseys up until, what was it, 2000? 2001? were so great.... i'll never undertand why they :censored:ed with it.

That "TML" logo is.... just no.

They had such a great look. It was sorta an homage to the past but yet modern. It was a Modern Classic. Shame.

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Now i was going to say Seattle Seahawks, but it seems they have gotten their uniform combos right. Dark Jersey/White Pants, White Jersey/Dark Pants. and it looks GOOD! .

I agree here! Any other combo just plain sucks! Dark shirts with the dark pants NO! no NFL team should ever wear a home (colored shirt) uni with only 1 color! And with the white 'Hawks jersey with the colored sleeves they just don't go with white pants!

I deliberately didn't mention some teams who have had recent changes because I think something like the Lions change is worth giving a couple of years to see how it looks then!


2011/12 WFL Champions

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San Diego Chargers: Time for those powder blues to be updated and brought back.

Dear Lord, please give me the strength not to pull my hair out!

First, these are not "powder blues".  They are "collegiate blue"

Second, they look good on a LIMITED basis, not as the permanent identity.

Third, not all Charger fans want these back, as has been claimed "ad nauseum".  The Chargers have been my favorite team for 24 years...and I have **never** wanted them to change back.

Forth, I don't want my PRO team to be wearing COLLEGIATE blue.  It's fine for UCLA to wear a light blue color...but again, the NFL isn't college.

Fifth, the lighter blue was worn 14 years...the majority of the Charger's lives have been spent with the darker colors (24 years of Royal Blue or Navy); the current design has been used for 15 years (minus the pants lightning bolt, which has been back only 12 years).


Now that I'm off my soapbox, I laughed when I read Nitro's comments, because it could have been written by me.  I have the same complaints about all those teams (Bills, Chiefs, Colts, Cardinals and Raiders).  But, as much as I hate the Raiders, I don't know if I would change them, because their look is classic.

The only one not list on Nitro's list is the J-E-T-S.  I hate their throwbacks.  They looked okay in their day, but shouldn't have been brought back.  I think they need to relaunch with a modern, agressive logo.

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Jets logo and uniform is great, better than what they had. Leave them be.

And i was brought up being told it was Powder Blue, i will continue to call it powder blue, so stick that up your collegiate pooper and smoke it!!!  :P

And it would be great on a permanent basis, instead of the teasing they have been doing over the last 3 years. It is such a unique look, it'll finally get rid of that dark blue that EVERYONE is using, and it'll get them back to looking like their OWN team...

Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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perfect, i was going to start a new thread, but i didnt feel it was pertinant.

But speaking of changes, according to Charley Walters,a Twin Cities sports insider who serves as the sports gossip columnist for the area,who also broke the wild alternate unis 2 years ago, is reporting:

"Look for the Twins, who haven't worn their red "TC" caps since 1986, to add that cap to their uniforms for next year."

Basically everything he has said regarding uniforms has been true, at least since i started reading him when i was 14.

Maybe they are ditching the 'M' hat they wear on the road. I hope not completely, considering they won two championships only after they changed to it.

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I can only think of NHL teams now.

MINNESOTA WILD!!!  I like the logo, I really do.  In fact it's the only thing about the entire organization that I like.  The colors are pitiful and the green jersey looks extremely bad no matter who wears it.  (Only wearing it with the full uniform makes it look at least tolerable.)

Columbus Blue Jackets:  They're my favorite of the four new expansion teams, but their jerseys need a bit more of anything on the sleeves.  Looking forward to the alternate jersey.

Toronto Maple Leafs:  Get rid of that stupid silver TML logo and go back with the fluffy leaf on the shoulders and you'd have a perfect jersey.

Florida Panthers:  Get rid of the blue alternate jersey, it's the laziest jersey ever made.

Philadelphia Flyers: Get rid of that God-awful mess of an alternate jersey and bring back the old orange jersey.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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New York Rangers: PLEASE do something with that oh-so-cool modernized shield!

Toronto Maple Leafs: I like the TML, but shove it to a second alternate or something. BRING BACK THE FLUFFY LEAF!!!

Colorado Avalanche: Not all of them, but I hate that alternate. Makes them look like skating turds.

Washington Capitals/Ottawa Senators/Atlanta Thrashers: MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! Go with one logo or the other. I can't stand home & road unis with differing logos.

Phoenix Coyotes: These guys just can't do a thing right, IMO. The new logo looks horrid, and the jerseys don't look right. Toronto can do vintage, Detroit can do vintage. Phoenix can't.

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MINNESOTA WILD!!! I like the logo, I really do. In fact it's the only thing about the entire organization that I like. The colors are pitiful and the green jersey looks extremely bad no matter who wears it. (Only wearing it with the full uniform makes it look at least tolerable.)

The entire organization?  Harumph!  Anyway, the white jerseys are works of art, as is that logo.  And, the organization does a lot of good stuff.  So there! </fanboy>

I'll stick to hockey, my specialty:

Columbus - Their jerseys are boring, their crest is uninventive (and says CJB!), and I hate hate hate their number font.

Phoenix - "Already, you say?"  Yes.  Bad psycho-looking logo.  Boring jerseys.  You don't have to go crazy (like the previous pajamas they wore, though I kindof liked them) to avoid boring jerseys--the simple tweaks in colour that Roger made turns their new zero into a hero.

Dallas - Me, I like the star jerseys, actually.  But the particular shades they've chosen (especially that so-called-gold) don't go well together at all, really.

Philadelphia - Gotta echo Roger here.  They had a fine set of jerseys, with the white and orange primary jerseys and the black alternates.  Then they went and messed with it.  Bah.

Buffalo - First time I laid eyes on these, I didn't like them.  There's nothing wrong with the design, really, and I even have grown to appreciate the creativity of the striping pattern on the jerseys.  But there's no reason they ever should have changed from their royal blue and yellow.  They should go back.  No, not to the Preds-look-alike colours, but to royal blue and yellow.

Tampa Bay - But we've been over this before.  There's just not alot to do with with that name.

Ottawa - Ditch those lousy home jerseys (the jerseys with the weird striping), use those awesome thirds at home (minus the dumb Peace Tower shoulder patch), and create new road jerseys based off the thirds.

Edmonton - Dump the thirds.  Keep the rest.

Vancouver - Orca Bay -this-!  The look is nice on its own, mind you, but it just doesn't fit anything.  Then again, that name doesn't really fit anything.

NY Islanders - Lighthouse logo.  Bright back the lighthouse logo.  Recolour it to the blue and orange.  Put it on the current jerseys.  Voila!

Thank you, you've all been great.  Try the veal.

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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Don't mess with Carolina! I agree, too much red...BUT...hurricane (or in the case of their logo, tropical storm) flags are red and black...and that's the only color combination that would make sense if they use a flag logo. I'm sure a Hurricane jersey/logo with Hartford colors would look great, but it wouldn't make much sense.

And for my opinions:

Carolina Panthers...switch to that sweet blue alternate at home.

Atlanta Braves...classic, but put numbers on the front!

Utah Jazz...complete overhaul. Lose the mountain logo, jerseys, everything.

Dallas Cowboys...pick a blue. The dark jerseys look tons better than the white jerseys...use the navy on the white jerseys and do the numbers like the double-star alternates.


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and i'll stick to my specialty, football:

Packers...j/k, though we all know Ron Wolf thought GB was due for a change ten plus years ago

ok, serious

Bills: the look, while a good idea, was butchered horribly.  pick a blue, first off.  the royal blue buffalo looks out of place with the navy blue middle stripe(and navy jersey)...second, pick a stripe.  the pant stripe would look good as the under stripe(same for Grambling and all others who decided to copy the Bills)

Toronto Argos: they probably can't afford to right now, but when they can, please ditch teal and bring back powder blue...there's a reason one of the argos' nicknames is the Double Blue.

Wisconsin: the look is good and consistent.  however, i would change it to the one uw trotted out for camp randall's first night game in 95...yeah, i remember how that ended but still.  as it is, uw looks like a mix between texas and nebraska.  i'd advocate black as trim here, provided ya don't botch it like the loincloths did.

Patriots: changed a perfectly good look for no reason at all to the comparative crap worn today.  not comparing to the 95-99 look, the current look is good.  just too inconsistent, though.

Colts: ah hell, Baltimore will eternally hate the colts, that's a given.  least they could do is try phasing silver in again (a lighter shade this time, fellas)

Vanderbilt: my old vandy idea will work, with a few modifications.  i know it.  historical basis, schmistorical shmasis, the star-v makes em look like the saints and cowboys had a merger and started a college team.  the steeler style looked tons better.  that said, i know the look they need, and it ain't what they're wearin.

Cardinals: someone needs cream in their uniforms.  The cards are that team.  someone also needs to restore black into their scheme.  again, the cardinals are that team.  someone will not do this due to extreme cheapness and idiocy.  Bidwill is that moron.

Stampeders: what, you traded Garcia to the niners for a set of gold pants?  go back to the flutie-era uniform (re: predominantly red).  all i know is for some anniversary they started wearing black jerseys and it all went downhill from there.  

SMU: funny, i didn't know the Giants moved to Fort Worth.  I know this program is a shell of its former self, that don't mean you gotta go and get gray pants when there is no sign of gray anywhere else.  also doesn't mean white helmets are out.  what is it with teams wearing silver or gold pants when gold/silver is nowhere on the jersey or helmet?  geez.

Redskins: only one thing-get yellow pants just like the current pants.  i'd be interested in seeing how taht looked.

Lions: the 'Jayz' have nearly edged the loincloths for worst introduction to black for this year.  inconsistent striping all around, there was no need for black, just shoulda gotten navy or maroon.

Chiefs: add black or something for contrast.  the yellow and white against each other...hard to see.

Seahawks: as the only team i know that currently uses neon green as a color, i say use it a bit more(i.e. # trim).  maybe even a neon green alternate, modeled after the old jersey.


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The cardinals definitely need to jump on the red black yellow color scheme before the cheifs do, who in my opinion are headed in that direction. I just think the cards are in more need of a change than the chiefs. If not that the cardinals should go back to their old pant striping that was a little more interesting



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oh and the bengals should switch to orange cause the nfl is lacking an orange jersey(not counting the broncos alternate,because that is an alternate) and lose the tiger stripes on the shoulders it makes it too busy



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