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Rockets new jerseys


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those jerseys make me want a Coke

*goes down basement and grabs Coke bottle*

*goes to the fridge and gets a Pepsi* :D

ya know, i've found that new pepsi vanilla tastes strangely like regular coke.  i don't know why, but i couldn't taste the vanilla at all.  then again i taste so much vanilla in vanilla coke it tastes like coke with cream soda in it.  okay, the rockets have new uniforms.  yao ming is tall.  steve francis is skinny.  my bubbles. :laugh:


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These new uniforms are so close to perfect, but...

My only beef is that they should either use both silver and white on both uniforms (not just in the names and numbers), or no silver at all. I think one of the silver loops on the red jersey should be white. Maybe the white stripe between the two red loops on the red jersey could be silver.

Oh and I do agree, Pepsi Vanilla tastes a lot like regular Coke.  There is extremely little vanilla flavoring if any in it.  Vanilla Coke is vanilla fresh.

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